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Genesis atomizer type

Genesis atomizer type – one the newest among such devices, so called rebuildable atomizers, ie atomizers in which the user can replace the heating coil (Kanthal wire) and wick.

This device has many advantages, especially it will suit those vapers who like to vape at a high voltage, to obtain more hot and dense vapor. It wasn’t possible with clearomizers, because they work with silica wire as result the wick quickly burn. While using Genesis atomizers, you can get excellent clean taste, abundant dense vapor, strong but soft “throat hit” and thus without burning wicks (because of their absence).

The novelty is in the fact that instead of using silicate wick, here is used a rolled stainless steel mesh, which is safer. In design also was made a complex of measures to reduce the harm of electronic smoking to human health. Genesis atomizer has no copper or other harmful elements and alloys which contact with smoking electronic liquid and combustion.

When repairing Genesis mesh must be necessarily burnt before the first use, to remove the remaining substances after its manufacture.
Advantages of Genesis atomizer – a good stability and durability, no burning smell, even when is overheated and its famous pure taste.
Due to the some complexity of initial preparation (mesh burning, voltage adjustment), genesis is not recommended as your first device.

If you buy genesis atomizer, you will have to learn how to:

1. correctly roll and burn stainless steel mesh for genesis;

stainless steel mesh for genesis

2. self-winding nichrome wires and stainless steel mesh;

nichrome wires and stainless steel mesh

3. the calculation of the required resistance; (will fit a special Atomizer Resistance Tester or variable voltage mods);
4. to have a small set of instruments; (screwdriver, pliers, etc.);
5. certain skills or desire to learn.
Atomizer preparation
Atomizer preparation for operation and maintenance is a quite delicate process, and is not always gained immediately. Nevertheless, it is available for any ordinary user if he has the desire and a small amount of time and patience in the beginning of the operation.
– First You need to prepare stainless steel mesh for winding;
– Secondly you need to properly wind the wire and test the resistance;
– To bring together all the genesis atomizer components;
– Fill the atomizer with e-juice.

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