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Choosing a clearomizer is an important step because it is he who will allow you to consume your e-liquids for vape, each clearomizer having different functions and characteristics. To choose the right clearomiser, you have to ask yourself the right questions before making the purchase, such as “Do I want a lot of vapour?” or “Do I want a big tank?”. Here we are going to give you our advice for choosing the best clearomiser.

Each vaper has different needs and criteria, there are many clearomizer models, each with its characteristics. The quality of the vapour depends not only on the box but also and above all on the clearomiser and the associated resistance. Because it is often with this element that everything is played. At equal power, and depending on the type of resistance and its value in ohms, the same clearomizer can produce several types of vapour.

The main criteria to take into account are:

– the quantity of steam generated,

– the production of hot or cold steam,

– the rendering of flavours,

– the feeling of a hit in the throat,

– the type of drawing,

– the size of the tank,

– the opening system,

– the budget. 

There are two types of inhalation, direct inhalation and indirect inhalation:

  • direct inhalation involves inhaling the vapour directly from the e-cigarette to the lungs in a single draw. In this case, we speak of an air draft with a large volume of steam. For a direct inhalation, a sub-ohm clearomizer is necessary, that is to say, a clearomizer whose resistance value is less than 1 ohm. This type of clearomiser has large air inlets and is used at high power, generally over 30 watts.
  • indirect inhalation involves inhaling vapour in two stages, similar to smoking. You first inhale the vapour into the mouth and then inhale a second time to bring the vapour into the lungs. We then speak of a tight draw with a smaller volume of vapour but a better rendering of flavours and a greater hit. For indirect inhalation, a clearomizer with a resistance value greater than 1 ohm is required. This type of clearomiser has low air inlets and the power required is then less important.

Note that more and more clearomizers and tanks can be used either in direct inhalation or in indirect inhalation. Indeed, thanks to the availability of different models of resistances and the settings of the airflow ring, it is possible to have these two types of vape.

Each clearomiser has its resistance model with different variants depending on the model. When buying an electronic cigarette kit or a clearomizer separately, always refer to the user manual of your electronic cigarette to buy the corresponding resistors. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will guide you in choosing the right resistance.

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