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You have decided to vape. You should know that the first puffs of steam are often decisive for the continuation of this experience. Here are some criteria to help you with your choice.


rate This rate has a significant impact on the hit felt during the vape. A low rate will result in a timid hit while a high rate will result in a strong throat sensation. Of course, a heavy smoker will not have the same sensitivity as a person who smoked a few cigarettes. He will need a liquid with extremely high nicotine content. 

It is normal, at first, to have some discomfort, even coughing, when you start vaping. If the symptoms persist, you must switch to an e-liquid with lower nicotine content. 

The ideal nicotine level is defined according to the number of cigarettes consumed by the former smoker. This is an indicative figure determined as follows: 

– occasional smoker (less than 5 cigarettes daily): 3 to 6 mg,

– moderate smoker (5 to 10 cigarettes daily): 6 to 12 mg,

– regular smoker (10 to 20 cigarettes daily): 12 to 16 mg,

– heavy smoker (more than 20 cigarettes daily): 16 to 20 mg. 

Composition of the base

An e-liquid for electronic cigarettes consists of a neutral base (composed of PG: propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). 

Propylene glycol

This is an aroma carrier that is responsible for the hit induced by the liquid.

Vegetal glycerine

This component generates steam during the vape


As a replacement for propylene glycol, it allows you to obtain liquids that are less unpleasant for the throat while providing a satisfactory hit. 

The different flavours

Unlike traditional cigarettes (made of tobacco), electronic cigarettes have a wide range of flavours that come in five families.

Tobacco flavours

This flavour is recommended for beginners who thus find the taste of a real cigarette. There are, of course, several flavours to choose from depending on your habits and desires.


flavours These flavours are particularly pleasant since there is a very wide choice which allows you to vary the pleasure of vaping.

Gourmet flavours

More recently, these original flavours are similar to the sweets or cakes you like. They are thicker and are quite close to the flavour they are meant to mimic. 


flavours These flavours are appreciated because of the feeling of freshness provided and are reminiscent of menthol cigarettes. On the first step of the podium: icy mint.

Beverage flavours

These liquids restore the flavours of coffee, cola, mojito or pina colada cocktail. They are often associated with various flavours (fruit, tobacco, etc.). 

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