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Pharmaceutical nicotine, called purified, present in the majority of e-liquids, offers a lasting effect but is slow to spread. You need a longer time to feel the effect. This can discourage heavy smokers from their tobacco weaning.

On the other hand, purified nicotine, offered in high levels, from 12mg, can irritate the throat and cause unpleasant coughing fits. To overcome this problem, some vapers then underdose the nicotine by opting for juices with nicotine levels that are too low, which do not meet their real needs. Their weaning may thus prove to be less effective and they will have to vape more to obtain a good result.

Nicotine salts are the most natural form of nicotine, so they do not lose effectiveness, the effect is immediate. Nicotine salts offer sensations very similar to those felt with a traditional tobacco cigarette. They are therefore an ideal way to ensure effective weaning!

Nicotine salts are also more pleasant because they provide a softer hit, the irritating effect sometimes felt with pharmaceutical nicotine, disappears with nicotine salts. E-liquids with nicotine salts can thus be offered with high levels of nicotine, which will offer exceptional efficiency in quitting traditional cigarettes.


Vapers who usually consume 3mg to 6mg e-liquids will be able to use 10mg nicotine salts.

While vapers, followers of liquids with higher rates from 10mg, will opt for nicotine salts dosed at 20mg.


E-liquids with nicotine salts will be the perfect alternative for vapers who sometimes struggle to quit traditional cigarettes or who alternate cigarettes and e-cigarettes. They will make it easier to say goodbye to the harmful effects of tobacco through more effective smoking cessation, thanks to the sensations offered, which are very close to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Heavy smokers will also be able to find their happiness thanks to nicotine salts without feeling the inconveniences (irritation of the throat, cough) which sometimes appear with juices with high nicotine content. Therefore, there is no longer any need to sacrifice the desired effect to reduce discomfort, by underdosing the nicotine level.

Nicotine salts will also allow vapers, heavy consumers of liquids to reduce their consumption, the effect being less diffuse and more immediate than with pharmaceutical nicotine. The time of vaping can thus be spaced out.


E-liquids with nicotine salts must be used with adequate equipment. We do not recommend use with high powers, to avoid absorbing too much nicotine. Clearomisers specially developed for indirect inhalation or even certain Pods will be more suitable for the use of nicotine salts.

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