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Much simpler than it seems, DIY (Do It Yourself) is attracting more and more vapers, eager to make their own “homemade” e-liquids. So why not you ! No need to be a laboratory technician or a cook, you just need to opt for quality products and a little equipment to handle them and you’re done! All you have to do is let your creativity run wild and follow these tips…

The Do It Yourself which means: “Do it yourself” will allow you to make your e-liquids using the following ingredients:

– A base

– Flavors

– Additives (optional)

– Accessories

All you need to do is add a few drops of aroma for e-liquids in a neutral base, with or without nicotine, made up of Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and let your mixture stand to release it. all flavours. Koolada, super sweet and many other additives can be added, they will work as a flavour enhancer to add freshness (kool ade) or further sweeten your mixture (supersweet) or even increase the power of the aroma, add a hint of vanilla…

DIY juices are economical and fun and will allow you to create tailor-made recipes and share them or not! your creations with your vaping friends!


The base for DIY is composed of Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerin or both with proportions that may vary. It will contain nicotine or not, the choice is yours!

A quality base is essential because it accounts for 90% of the composition of your juice. Go for quality first!

Propylene Glycol: commonly called: PG, is a diluent that allows you to create a powerful hit (passage through the throat) and serves as a taste developer for your aromas.

Vegetable Glycerin: commonly called: VG, is a thick, naturally sweet material. It allows you to create steam and the famous clouds ;). The VG offers a light hit and its high viscosity clogs the vaping material more.

Nicotine: it will be present or not in your recipe, depending on your needs and your desires. Nicotine should always be handled with gloves, it is indeed dangerous in contact with the skin. For your safety, we advise you to opt for bases already containing nicotine to avoid handling pure nicotine.

For simple and easy use, we advise you to choose bases that are already ready and well dosed in PG/VG. 

        – Base PG70/VG30: proportion of PG higher than VG, the mixture will be fluid, the hit very present, the vapour not abundant. Ideal for a classic daily vape.

        – Base PG80/VG20: proportion of PG higher than VG, the mixture will be very fluid, the hit powerful, the vapour scarce. Ideal for a discreet vape. Will give more of a feeling of dryness in the mouth and throat.

        – Base 50/50: proportion of PG equal to VG, the mixture will be thick, the hit light, the vapour very abundant. Ideal for big cloud enthusiasts. Will further clog your clearomiser, your e-cigarette and your vaping equipment.

        – Base 20/80: proportion of PG lower than VG, the mixture will be thick, the hit very light, the vapour ultra abundant. Ideal for big cloud enthusiasts. Will further clog your clearomiser, your e-cigarette and your vaping equipment.

All the bases offered in our DIY collection are made by renowned brands, guarantee quality and seriousness and all meet USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards. USP standards are backed by an independent public health science body and are considered the strictest, most advanced, and most respected in the world.


Whether you are a gourmet, a tobacco or fruit lover or whether you are looking for surprising, authentic flavours… a wide choice of flavours offered by real flavour creators is offered to you in our collections.

You can dose your aromas in several drops or millilitres. The dosage will vary depending on each concentrate creator and flavour.

Flavours do not contain nicotine. The choice of nicotine is made in the base.


You can adjust your recipe as closely as possible to your tastes by adding a touch of additives to your creation. Our Vape Team advises you to use them sparingly, they could indeed distort the aroma developed by real flavour creators and above all spoil the mixture you have developed.

Different additives are available to allow you to add a touch of freshness, and vanilla, to sweeten your mixture even more or make it more powerful…

To your bottles!


To achieve your home-made e-liquids with care and in complete safety, you will need the perfect Diyer kit :

– Bottles, plastic or glass vials to store your mixtures, transfer them and fill your electronic cigarette tank and all your vaping equipment.

– Syringes to dose and transfer your bases, your aromas, your additives or fill the small holes of your atomizers.

– Gloves and protective goggles for safe handling.

All ingredients should be handled with care to avoid contact with skin or eyes. In particular, nicotine remains very dangerous in case of contact.

To create your tailor-made DIY kit, it’s here!

To easily make your e-liquid, here are our little simplified instructions:

1- Put your drops or the dose in millilitres of your aroma in an empty bottle.

2- Add your base with or without nicotine in this same bottle.

3- Close the bottle and shake it to mix your potion.

4- Leave your preparation to rest for 48 hours to several days depending on the aroma chosen (steeping phase).

5- Enjoy!

All tastes are in nature, the advantage of DIY being to make the juices that will best meet your taste preferences and will bring you maximum pleasure because vaping is above all pleasure;).

To make your DIY e-liquid, you will first need to test and grope. The rule is to respect the following doses :

– 10% aromas or 5% if the aroma is very powerful, i.e. 1ml for a total of 10ml, i.e. +/-30 drops. If you use several aromas, you will need to test to determine the dosage of each aroma. The total should remain 1ml for 10ml.

– 90% base with or without nicotine, i.e. 9ml for a total of 10ml.

If after the steeping, the flavours are not present enough then you can add a few additional drops of your aroma and let the mixture rest again. If, on the contrary, the taste is too pronounced, then add a little base to reduce the taste and let it rest again.

The maturation phase is essential, it will allow the aromas to deliver all their flavours, never taste your e-liquid right away, let it rest for 48 hours to several days, depending on the desired flavours, the aromas used… by shaking from time to time your vials.

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