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Fake Electronic CigarettesThe manufacturing of fake electronic cigarettes is very advantageous and profitable business today. Therefore, many companies call themselves electronic cigarette suppliers and do their best to please every consumer and as a rule this steps severely affect the quality of the products which they produce.

If to be honest, the essence of almost every vaper is to save money and buy famous e-cigarette brand at the lowest prices, as a result seeing it in another place cheaper, of course he will buy it where it costs less.

So this purchase becomes one of the biggest his mistakes, because most often buyers don’t take into account the quality of the product which might be fake therefore cost cheaper.

What parts of e-cigarettes are most often fake?

As a rule bad manufacturers economize on everything, they replace all that is possible to parts made of cheaper materials:
1. Battery – become less resource-intensive. So, under the guise of 1300mAh battery, will arrive the same but of 650mAh or even less, but its size and appearance may be identical to those of 1300mah.

2. Electronic-filling, electronic cigarette may not turn on, or its display can show only a part of the inscriptions, or do not respond at all to button pressing (such problems are most common for variable voltage/wattage electronic cigarette mods).

3. The cartridge (atomizer, clearomizer, tank) made of poor quality plastic. They can quickly burst, crack, break off, or don’t fit to your e-cigarette.
Counterfeiting cigarette parts cost the same as their quality, price matches the quality. Think once again before save money on electronic cigarettes.

All distributors of famous brands buy electronic cigarettes in almost identical conditions, respectively, prices in all online stores are approximately equal, counterfeiting electronic cigarettes of course cost more cheaper.

A well done fake or a 100% copy of the famous e-cigarette brand often looks not so much different from the original one, you can identify fake product only by practical consideration. Typically, such electronic cigarettes quickly show their disadvantages by soon burnt-out atomizers or quickly discharged batteries. Fake atomizers work only from 1 day to a week – no more, after this period its characteristics are reduced so much, that steam generation becomes impossible, it’s difficult to smoke and it tastes like burnt rubber or cloth, while the original atomizer may work more than a month, if is properly used.

More conscious “fake makers” modify the usual colors of e-cigarette bodies, the material and color of the button’s LEDs, rings, etc. Pay attention on details, for example the original cigarette ring has gold color, as fake product silver, cigarette button in branded item lights in blue and green LED color, as fake burns only in blue, etc.

In cheap electronic cigarettes accumulator batteries in 90% cases are of bad quality, as well as automatic sensors embedded in the automatic batteries, poor quality of connectors, screws in small parts such as rings, adapters, etc. Typically, battery lifetime as well as battery discharge time, in counterfeiting products are times less than in original product released by the famous quality brand. Fake batteries discharge much faster, there are precedents of the battery failure after a week or two of intensive use.

Also are known cases of fake power supply or battery auto-ignition during charging, as well as cases of breakage of computer’s USB-ports, when charging battery from computer. In this case the recovery of the computer’s USB-port – is impossible.

In order to protect yourself from buying low-quality copies, buy electronic cigarettes only in the proven online stores and from authorized dealers.

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