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Electronic Cigarette ModsElectronic cigarette Mod (modification) – improved variant of electronic cigarettes in which the manufacturers try to eliminate the main disadvantages of electronic smoking. The main disadvantage of a large number of e cigarette mods is their enormous size, in consequence with which they looks different from the traditional cigarette look.

The main types of electronic cigarette mods are:

– Battery Mods

1) Mechanical mods of irregular shape and appearance

This mods (so-called “Mech mod”) usually don’t include electronic filling but have mechanical button. They were very popular in the circles of enthusiasts, as they have more battery capacity and high reliability, but have unstable voltage, it changes with the battery charge. First mechanical mods were made out of everyday items: smoking pipes, cigarette cases, syringes, cigarette lighters. Due to the large size, you can use batteries with higher capacity and standard sizes. During several years, they were improved, many companies began to produce mods under their own brands such as: Innokin, Smoktech, JOYELIFE, KangerTech, Aspire etc.

Mechanical vs Variable Mods

Steampunked Mechanical mod

2) Mods with adjustable voltage/wattage. The higher is the mod’s voltage, the more heated is electronic cigarette spiral (coil), thereby the vaper receives more vapor. Due to mods with adjustable voltage, you can adjust the amount and temperature level of the vapor, which will suit to your individual preferences. There are many variable voltage/wattage electronic cigarette mods made by famous brands: Vamo V5+, Tesla, Sigelei, iTaste, Joyetech eVic, etc.

IdealVape Tesla Variable Voltage

– Atomizer Mods

1) Mods with tanks for e juice. Atomizer type, in which the heating coil and the fluid reservoir are integrally formed, whereby the wick is in contact with e liquid. Atomizer tanks allows you to fill them with much more fluid and thus less often to refill your electronic cigarette. Examples of such mods with tanks: Kayfun, ProVari, etc.

Rebuildable Atomizer

2) Rebuildable atomizer – allows you to change the coil and the wick, this saves your money and allows you to set up a quality of e-cigarette which will fit your needs.
Rebuildable atomizer (RA) consists of – drip tip, atomizer tank (made of pyrex glass, or other materials), base with battery thread and heating coil, the coil – user configures by himself using heating wire (made of nichrome, kanthal, etc.), wicks for supplying the e liquid (made of silica thread, cotton, etc). With proper tuning and good materials such atomizer, coupled with a powerful battery pack, will perfectly reveal the taste and will generate a very large amount of vapour.

UFS V3 DIY Rebuildable Atomizer

3) Genesis
Genesis atomizer mod – is one of the most unusual types of rebuildable atomizers. It differs from usual atomizers and clearomizers by its wick. In role of wick in genesis atomizer mod is used a small tube of Stainless Steel Mesh. Such a wick can serve almost forever, as the mesh is hardly subjected to damages. If the mesh is clogged with carbon deposits, you can simply “burn” it and you again will be able to smoke a tasty vapour. Examples of genesis atomizer mods: Kraken, Aquilo, Perseus, Origen Genesis V2, etc.

Hcigar Kraken by Vicious Ant Genesis

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