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How to properly use Electronic Cigarette batteriesGuidelines for the use of batteries in the e-cigarettes practically does not differ from the usual guidelines for the use of the simple accumulator batteries. You should treat your electronic cigarette battery carefully, as any lithium-ion battery, to be sure in its safety, if you will fulfill all this steps, your electronic cigarettes battery will serve you a very long time.

Primarily regularly check the duration of your electronic cigarette charging. Any new battery needs more time for charging. If you will keep an eye on battery charging time you can determine a faulty battery, which could be dangerous for you.

Below is a list of simple rules which will help you extend the life time of your battery:

1. Always use the charger that came bundled with your electronic cigarette. Chargers of other models can also charge your battery, but they can not be compatible in power amp with your battery and can cause e cigarette breakage or even explosion.

2. Do not leave the battery during charging without supervision. We don’t recommend charging e cigarette at night, or leave it unattended in car.

3. Keep it clean all the time, this measure will prevent your electronic cigarette from any stains from e-liquids that may damage it.

4. Store the battery in a clean, dry place, away from direct sources of heat, sunlight and moisture.

5. Keep the battery in a special protective bag when you are not using it for a long time.

6. From time to time check the battery protective coating. Carefully inspect it for the presence of oxidation, blistering and various visual damage. Batteries that are damaged or have some deformation must be replaced immediately.

7. Remember when you purchased your battery. Excessive use of the battery may cause malfunctions. Most batteries used continuous charge cycle should last about 4 – 6 months.

8. Before the first use of the electronic cigarette, the battery must be fully charged. Although the electronic cigarette batteries are not fully charged, it is better to charge them fully, to get a full performance.

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