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Electronic Cigarettes in HollywoodIn Hollywood appeared the image of the fatal temptress with a thin elegant cigarette in hand, or a real man with a cigar in mouth.

For many years a lot of people seeking to be like their favorite characters and actors imitate their idols in everything: clothes, hairstyles and bad habits.

Since today smoking has become not very nice feature of the image because of anti-smoking laws, Hollywood stars started to use electronic cigarettes.

Actress Katherine Heigl from the television show Grey’s Anatomy demonstrated her electronic cigarette. Being a smoker with twenty years, Heigl said that she tried to quit smoking, she took medication to quit smoking, but all this didn’t help her. “I use an electronic cigarette,” says Heigl. “I know, it’s funny, but it helps me.””

Another fan of these devices is known pop star Britney Spears. She often has concerts and in addition brings up her two sons. The main reason why the singer decided to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and switched to electronic – a real care not only of her health, but also her children.

For some time, a new fan of these devices has become Paris Hilton, who was an avid lover of tobacco. Now in the global network you can often see photos where she is riding a bicycle and vape e-cigarettes.

Among men actors those who prefer electronic cigarettes are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Federline singer, musician Tom Petty and many others.

The secret of popularity
What is the secret of attractiveness of e-cigarettes for celebrities? Firstly, the harmless of e-devices compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. In an “era of increased public attention” to the celebrities’ private life, it isn’t so easy only to pretend that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, any tabloid will be very happy to convict a celebrity in a lie. Secondly, in US is deployed an active anti smoking campaign, and smoking in public places is simply prohibited. Since the beginning of 2011 under the ban hit the smoking in the streets. So there was little choice, or to quit smoking at all, or to switch to electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes in movies
The first film in which the viewer can see electronic cigarette was the film “The Tourist” with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. The protagonist Johnny Depp quit smoking with the help of e-cigarette. Thanks to this film the popularity of electronic cigarettes has increased significantly. The time of electronic cigarettes has come.

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