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Electronic Cigarettes became luxury itemsAccording to Financial Times – Today, more and more manufacturers of e-cigarettes are targeting on the luxury market and British manufacturers – leading on this market . Expensive electronic cigarettes gain more demand, and e-cigarette manufacturers adjust to this new trends.

Luxe Mods company, founded by Andrew Korn in 2012, is located in Walton, a suburb of London. It produces electronic cigarettes of elite patterned stainless steel. One of such cigarette can cost about £ 600 ($ 902).

Andrew Korn sells about 300 cigarettes per month, the majority of which are exported to the United States. However, its standard products fade in comparison with only one encrusted with diamonds electronic cigarette made of pure gold, which were designed for the customer from Dubai. This e-cigarette cost varies near 40 thousand pounds.

The battery is the most expensive part of electronic cigarette – said Shane McGill, the analyst from Euromonitor , vapers are ready to pay extra for battery power – the higher power it has, the stronger and tasty is the vapor. According to S.McGill, despite the high prices, vapers are ready to spend large amounts of money on their habits. Its role play and aesthetic considerations, as fans of electronic cigarettes are looking for interesting models on the market. Thus, the cost of some models can reach up to $ 3 thousand.

It is expected that the turnover of the global market of electronic cigarettes will increase from the current $ 3.5 billion to $ 51 billion by 2030, reports Euromonitor. However, the market is fragmented and largely unregulated.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is growing, as smokers are turning to high-tech because of their desire to quit smoking, or to bypass the ban on smoking. The number of people using electronic cigarettes has tripled since 2010 and reached 2.1 million in the UK alone.

Numerous studies have shown that electronic cigarettes are less harmful to health than usual, and help smokers quit their negative habit. However, Japanese scientists reported that some brands of e-cigarettes may contain more carcinogens than regular cigarettes.

The difference of quality makes vapers pay more for safer devices, so the electronic cigarette as a luxury item is no surprise.

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