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A central and essential element in the composition of your e-cigarette or your MOD, the reconstructable atomizer quite simply allows you to produce the vapour that you inhale while also guaranteeing you the reproduction, as faithful as possible, of the flavours of the product that you chose. Focus on one of the “must-have” of the vaper.

The definition of the atomizer

“Device used to finely disperse liquids, solutions or suspensions”, this is the exact definition that Le Larousse gives to the masculine noun “atomizer”. Indeed, the rebuildable atomizer  – also known under the name RTA for Rebuildable tank atomizer, in English – gives the choice to the vaper as to the experience he wishes to live during the inhalation. More clearly, the rebuildable atomizer allows you to adjust the desired production in terms of vapor while best restoring the flavors contained in the e-liquids sold on the vaping market.

1 – The difference between atomizer and clearomizer

Attention, the atomizer should not be confused with the clearomizer. If the latter will play the same role in the vaping experience, they will not offer the same services. While the reconstructable atomizer allows a personalized assembly concerning the wick and the resistance, the clearomizer offers resistances already installed and directly ready to use. 

Clearly, the clearomisers offer a very simple experience for vapors in search of efficiency without any particular manipulations to be carried out beforehand. With a clearomiser, the e-cigarette smoker only has to fill the tank and vaping can begin! Atomizers _, they are aimed at a public of more informed vapers. The idea of ​​an assembly with atomizers is above all to personalize its material so that it can respond precisely to the needs. With an atomizer, the vaper will have to set up his resistance, using cotton and a resistive wire.

2 – The role of resistance

This is one of the other key elements in the composition of the electronic cigarette: resistance. The latter plays an absolutely essential role since it makes up the complete circuit, with the atomizer, which allows the release of steam and the maintenance of flavors in the mouth.

But then, a resistance, how does it work?

It’s very simple: when the button provided for this purpose is pressed by the vaper, the battery then causes the production of electricity which, in turn, will raise the temperature of the resistance. Once the resistance is hot, the liquid can then evaporate through a cloud of vapor. This is also the importance of a resistance created by the care of the vaper himself: personalized to the dimensions desired by the smoker, the resistance will offer a more effective experience to the consumer concerned.

3 – The advantage of a rebuildable atomizer

In addition to the personalized experience it offers the vaper, the rebuildable  or so-called “repairable” atomizer also makes it possible to afford a much more economical and even ecological device. Indeed, this type of equipment results in less massive production of waste than in the context of a pre-assembled device.

How to choose your atomizer?

Several criteria must be taken into consideration to best guide your final choice.

1 – Which assembly to choose?

The assembly designates the manufacturing step of the resistor. There are currently three mounting categories for rebuildable atomizers:

– The so-called “genesis” assemblies : these types of resistors are the most difficult to assemble, due to the complexity of the assembly. For these resistances, we speak of mounting in “top coil”, that is to say, that the coil, which means “coil” in English and fact designates the resistance, is placed at the top of the atomizer. The ensuing vape will be rather hot. The difficulty of this type of assembly lies in the fact that it is carried out in “mesh”, that is to say, that it is necessary to roll up a sheet of metallic compounds so that it forms a kind of tube, to then oxidize the whole using a flame. This type of mounting requires special attention and can cause several hot spots at the resistor coil. Abnormal and undesirable, these hot spots are to be avoided, the ” genesis ” type assembly then requires precise adjustments to avoid unbalanced heating of the resistive wire.

Silica fibre or cotton is also used in the so-called “ Genesis ” assembly. As far as atomizers are concerned, the most commonly encountered in this type of assembly are the AGA T series atomizers from the Youde brand, the Unyon Pipe range or the essential The Kraken.

– “Bottom coil mono” type assemblies: we speak of a much more common type of assembly because… much simpler! The term “bottom coil” means that the resistance is located at the heart of the rebuildable atomizer, in its base. Clearly, the coil is immersed in the so-called “atomization” chamber, which allows the steam and the to concentrate at the level of the “drip tip”, i.e. the mouthpiece through which the smoker inhales the steam. . With this type of assembly, the vaper benefits from a rather warm, even cold vapor.

– “Dual coil bottom” type assemblies: unlike the previously mentioned assemblies, we are talking here about a “dual-coil” installation, that is to say using not one, but two coils. Installed parallel to each other, these two coils result in a more intense and flavorful vapour release. However, this type of assembly is more complicated and requires meticulousness and precision on the part of the vaper.

2 – Types of atomizers

RBA , RDA , RTA … In the range of atomizers, several groups stand out and allow you to personalize the experience by getting as close as possible to the needs and desires of each:

– The RBA or RTA type atomizer : also known as a “tank”, the RBA type reconstructable atomizer , “Rebuild-able Atomizer” in English, has a tank allowing you to offer a powerful autonomy since the vaper can be accompanied by a good supply of e-liquid on a daily basis. With this type of reconstructable atomizer, smokers who are fans of subhoming will be able to rejoice since it promotes the installation of resistances at lowered voltage. Informed vapers know this only too well: who says low voltage resistance, says… consequent vapour!

– The RDA type atomizer: here, vapers speak of ” dripper  ” when they mention the RDA type atomizer, “Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer” in English. Unlike its RBA type counterpart, the RDA dripper has no reservoir. Instead of focusing on the amount of vapor produced, the RDA atomizer will focus on the restitution of aromas . We then speak of an atomizer based on the “tasting” of the flavors contained in the electronic cigarette. The disadvantage here lies in the obligation to soak the cotton very regularly, in order to avoid the undesirable “Dry hit”.

– The RDTA type atomizer : what if you opted for a dripper but… with a tank ? This is what the RDTA atomizer offers, for “Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer” in English. To understand the difference between the RBA atomizer which has a tank and more precisely a plate of coils which soak in the liquid of the e-cigarette, the rebuildable RDTA also consists of plates of coils but which do not bathe not directly in the e-liquid. Instead, the cotton does the transfer and pumps itself into the tank. We then speak of self-dripping. The advantage of rebuildable RDTAs ? They promise highly flavoured hits and offer all the advantages inherent in the tank.

Why opt for a rebuildable atomizer?

If the question seems innocuous, it is nonetheless essential. Indeed, before deciding to buy, it is important to ask the right questions. Is the rebuildable atomizer  suitable for my needs? Why can this type of composition improve my vaping experience and my e-liquid leaks or rises ?

1 – Aromas with preserved flavors

The main interest of the rebuildable atomizer is to offer a different experience in terms of vaping and, above all, more personalized. Thanks to their internal devices, reconstructable atomizers allow mods and boxes to restore, as faithfully as possible to reality, the flavour of the aromas that make up the e-liquid. See also Rebuildable Electronic Cigarette Kits.

2 – A pleasant vapor density

Thanks to the heating temperature as well as the concentration of the steam, the aromas are not only preserved during inhalation, but the steam produced can also become very dense depending on the type of assembly chosen.

3 – An economical device

Because the financial aspect is also important, it turns out that the rebuildable atomizer entails a very reduced cost in the sense that the price of the components of the mounting resistance is lower and therefore amortizes quite quickly.

Rebuildable atomizer: what you absolutely need to know

Before the purchase, some points are to be taken into consideration to hope to take full advantage of the joys of the rebuildable atomizer .

1 – The resistance value

To be able to correctly manage your rebuildable atomizer, it is essential to know its value beforehand. Calculated in ohms, the value of the  resistance makes it possible to modulate the power of the atomizer . The lower the ohm value, the higher the vaping power will be. Indeed, a powerful vape leads to a greater quantity of vapour and, therefore, more heat points, which puts more strain on the battery or the accumulator.

2 – The desired vape experience

To be able to determine what equipment you will need, what atomizer power, etc., you will first need to know what vaping experience you are looking for. Do you want a powerful restitution of aromas? Are you more in search of the cloud of vape? Are you looking for direct or rather indirect inhalation? Define your needs before embarking on the adventure!

3 – The limits not to cross

To vape in complete safety and without fear of degradation of the material, it is strongly advised not to drop below 0.15 ohm of power for the rebuildable atomiser.

4 – The use of a micro-coil calculator

When you embark on the creation of resistance for your rebuildable atomizer, you then necessarily know the value of the device, but not only. Do you know how many whorls (i.e. how many laps) you will need to complete? To know the size of your assembly, you will then have to calculate everything! Many online calculators are available on the web to help you in your approach.

What do you need to compose a rebuildable atomizer?

After choosing the type of rebuildable atomizer you want ( RTA or RBA, RDA  or RDTA ) with the appropriate plate, other elements will potentially be added to the list of equipment to obtain for an effective assembly:

– The resistive wire: it will be useful for you to create the resistance of your rebuildable atomizer. This wire designates the part that will heat the system and thus allow the vaporization of the liquid of your mod or electronic box. Several types of wire are available to you: Nichrome, Kanthal or stainless steel, in particular. In addition to the type of resistive wire, it is the diameter of the product that should also attract your attention. As a reminder, the thicker the resistive wire, the more the resistance will be lowered, which will lead to more intense heating. Once the resistive wire has been purchased on a coil, you will be able to create your coils as well as the coils necessary for the proper functioning of the e-cigarette device.

– The cutting pliers: will allow you to work your resistive wire.

– Scissors: very precise scissors will be useful for cutting the wick that you will need to place between the resistive wire and the coils.

– The template for your coils : to know the value in ohms of your resistance, you must first take very precise knowledge of the diameter of the coil and, thus, make the turns. To do this, a “Coil Master Coiling Kit” type jig will prove very useful!

– A ceramic clamp : to work on the resistance.

– An Ohmmeter : this instrument is used to measure the value of the resistance.

– A “Tab” type Ohmmeter: it has, in addition to the classic Ohmmeter, a function called “burn” which allows the coils to be heated at the level of the resistance. The resistive wire will then double in flexibility, which avoids the occurrence of “hot spots”.

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