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Vaping can be a source of frustration when the e-liquid you are trying to burn comes directly from the drip tip without warning! Many vapers, whether experienced or novice, taste this inconvenience from day to day. This phenomenon called gurgling is explained by a leak of liquid due to the wear of the parts of the electronic cigarette or by innocent bad habits that are not monitored. However, this leak can be remedied or at least mitigated with a  few tips and instructions.

How do leaks happen?

Before stupidly following the advice, it would be better to understand the causes to be able to repair alone, and brilliantly, its equipment. Many users lament having tried everything to stop this reflux of liquid, claiming to have followed the advice, without having understood if these solutions correspond to their problems. And it’s sometimes the e-cigarette that pays the price by ending up shattered on the wall!

To understand the gurgles , it is necessary to have some notions on the type of clearomizer and atomizer available. Leaks often express a malfunction or misuse on the part of the vaper and he must be attentive to the trigger, especially the source of the latter.

How can the liquid get out of the tank?

Be aware that the e-cigarette is a fairly complex assembly (if you have never opened one) of small parts that perform tasks simultaneously or hierarchically, allowing the liquid to be vaped. Each of them can undergo an alteration and lead to the leakage of the liquid.

Let’s start with the essentials. We can be confronted with a bad assembly at the level of the tank, the resistance and the tip. The tank found on most models contains the fuel. It is located in the centre of the device and is connected to the atomizer which contains the resistance, all fitted together by a simple screw system. The operation takes place when we press the trigger which activates the system by heating the resistance thanks to the battery and vaporizes the liquid by moving towards our mouth.

When these elements are not in good condition or poorly assembled, sealing or vaporization problems arise and the liquid finds a way out of everywhere, whether at the level of the trigger or the resistance or the airflows (for the clearo which have it). It can also take refuge in the battery which could damage it and especially cause an explosion, or even come out of the tip still liquid.

How to Prevent Leaks

For pros and newcomers alike, maintaining an e-cigarette is essential to prevent gurgling. Wear and poor conditioning are the primary source of the appearance of leaks. The condition of the parts should be checked regularly and replacement considered for avoid a ripple effect. A few logical and easy steps can accomplish this.

First step: cleaning.

Like any consumer product, your atomizer was designed for a specific duration. You can play on this longevity by paying particular attention to its cleanliness. Viscosity, dust and humidity being the main enemies of metals and electrical circuits, each component must therefore be taken apart and treated.

The large elements of the body of the electronic cigarettes fit together with screws. At the head is the battery, connected to the atomizer which contains the resistance, followed by the tank and finally the drip-tip. Each of these parts may present a particular anomaly, but it is at the level of the trunk that it is necessary to clean to prevent leaks. About the liquid, the fittings are often equipped with original rubber seals. Together with dust and grease, they can dry out and sag, giving free rein to liquid. It is then necessary to remember to renew the seals in the event of an alert or to wipe them regularly.

Over time, the vaporized liquid gets dirty on the wall of the drip tip and you have to think about cleaning the tip which keeps a lot of humidity, either by condensation due to heat or by liquid that has flowed since. resistance when it begins to wear out. Periodic sweeping with a fine and absorbent cloth will allow you to obtain a good vape without aftertaste.

Second step: Check your accessory.

A large part of the leaks results from the incorrect assembly of the accessories. A thorough check of the installations is essential when you clean or when replacing a part.

Be sure to tighten the screws to the correct pressure. Tighten well so that there is no room for the evacuation of the liquid. Too strong, it could harm the seals which risk breaking.

Restore the parts to their original condition. If you are not a DIY expert, do not attempt to add, remove or modify parts to customize your accessory. Each cigarette has a factory value that must be respected if you are not yet regular.

Purchase a resistor that is similar or adequate for your device. Heating the liquid at low or high resistance greatly affects condensation and vaporization. Check the intensity and the power of the current provided by your battery, in case of wear, it may not heat the resistance sufficiently. Replace it with a new one of the same specification if necessary.

The reflexes of vapers that you must have

There are gestures to tame throughout the vaping experience. Cleaning and maintaining your e-cigarette is not enough to stop liquid reflux. And since it’s not a real cigarette, you have to adapt to a new universe.

How to vape?

If your device does not have factory defects, it does not prevent gurgling. It is a complex electronic tool which is handled in a certain way and which requires new little habits.

Do not tilt the e-cigarette vertically. When vaping, hold the accessory upright. During inspiration, the liquid is drawn in by the pressure of your mouth, but the seals prevent it from passing through. Stretching the clearomizer upwards increases the chances of leaks and stretching it downwards reduces the efficiency of the battery power.

Don’t press the shutter button too long. The amount of vapour delivered by the atomizer depends on the time the switch is pressed. Your suction must be powerful and relative to this quantity. If your finger has remained a little too long on the activation button, when you have already stopped inhaling, the vapour will remain in the channel of the drip tip and may condense. When this happens, draw in the rest of the vape until the mouthpiece is empty. An easy tip to remember: keep sucking after releasing the switch.

Do effective personalization

These precautions in no way prevent you from making your own experiments. On the contrary, it will give you greater satisfaction, whether for liquid DIY enthusiasts or experimenters with coils and resistors. Poking your tongue with a liquid lift is never a good feeling, but it is possible to get rid of it even by doing your vapes.

For DIY e-liquids , you have to check the dosages of the ingredients. The principle is simple: Adjust the viscosity of the liquid so that it is not too liquid. Use bases rich in Vegetable Glycerin so that the solution is oilier and more watertight. The advantage of a base rich in VG lies in its ability to make a lot of vapour.

For the coils, choose a setting with little resistance to optimize the heat and vaporize the liquid efficiently without being afraid of leaks.

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