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All e-liquid manufacturers offer a wide range of products ( e-liquids, DIY bases, DIY pure aromas, nicotine boosters ) and flavours, which may tempt you to buy different bottles to test different flavours, with most the time of discounts on batches and therefore find yourself than with several products to store at home. Plus, with an MDD of up to 2 years, you know you can keep them with no problem. But do you know how to store them properly at home without altering the flavors and products?

1 – Keep your e-liquid away from heat

Contrary to the cold, which slightly thickens the e liquids, the heat accelerates the maturation of the e-liquid and can make it age more quickly.

Indeed, an e liquid is kept at ambient and constant temperature; i.e. if it is kept for example above a cupboard or in a box stored near a heat source , temperature variations can reduce the shelf life of your e-liquids.

An effective solution then exists: simply place your e-liquids in your refrigerator. This allows to lengthen the life of an e-liquid because the cold slows down the aging process. Then think that the cold makes your juice more viscous so put it at room temperature and wait a few hours before vaping it , otherwise your resistance will not be properly soaked and you will easily risk encountering dry hits with your e-cigarette. Also be careful not to leave the bottles within the reach of children, who may confuse them with bottles containing food products.

For very long-term storage, you can also store them in the freezer, however, this will slightly reduce the flavour, but it is up to you to choose between a lack of flavour or an alteration of the product itself if you will not use your products for several months.

2 – Keep the e-liquid away from light

E – liquids are like vampires, they don’t like UV rays!

As indicated on each of our bottles, it is strongly recommended to store e-liquids away from light , especially UV rays. These can degrade the molecules of aromas and nicotine present in your bottles. The e-liquid will then quickly change colour, it will take on a browner hue, but there is no risk to your health.

Keep them in a closet, box or drawer, but as seen in the previous chapter, be careful with the heat.

3 – Keep your e-liquid away from the air

We often forget this point, but the oxygen present in the air can slightly alter the e-liquids . Indeed, in a bottle already opened and used , there is a risk of oxidation which degrades certain molecules. To avoid this type of risk, we advise you to use all the product in the days / weeks following its opening or to prefer smaller bottle capacities .

How long can we store e-liquids and other vaping products?

On each bottle of vaping product , you will find a DDM ( Minimum Durability Date ) or formerly called DLUO (Optimal Use Limit Date). It is a date which indicates that certain properties of the product consumed are no longer guaranteed after this date: less taste, different consistency, less effective nicotine for smoking cessation, without however constituting a health hazard. 

The DDM has a duration of approximately 2 years for vape products and is only present for information purposes, without any real health value, unlike the DLC (Usage Limit Date).

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