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To preserve the components of your electronic cigarette and ensure an optimal lifespan, it is strongly recommended to maintain it regularly. Indeed, during its use, the different parts that make up the e-cigarette can deteriorate in many ways. First, the e-liquid you use to vape is made up of several materials ( vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol), both thick and messy, which can quickly clog the tank. Furthermore, this type of electronic solution is also subject to surrounding dust and dirt. All these external elements can influence the general performance of your e-cig in the more or less long term and at the same time affect the quality of your vaping.

How to clean your electronic cigarette?

To effectively clean your electronic cigarette, you should proceed in stages. Indeed, the different parts found in an e-cigarette cannot be cleaned in the same way; given for example that some components are electronic and will not support rinsing with water. In addition, depending on the type of vaper you have ( one-piece or removable electronic cigarette ), you will also have to proceed in different ways.

Clean the tank

To limit the fouling of your tank, it should be cleaned each time you change the fluid. To do this, proceed in the usual way by unscrewing, and then completely emptying the tank. Once the tank of your clearomiser or your atomiser is emptied, clean it with clear and hot water. Then make sure to dry it as best you can by wiping the walls and the threads within it, with absorbent paper. In any case, it is advisable to let the tank dry for 24 hours, so that it is completely dry and that no drop of water comes to mix with your e-liquid during your next filling.

If you have a one-piece e-cigarette and the tank won’t come apart, follow these steps: Use a cotton swab or alcohol swab to clean your tank. Indeed, since the battery is in the same block, rinsing with water is prohibited. Thus, you will avoid the rise of e-liquid.

Clean the Drip-tip

The Drip-tip is the top part of any electronic cigarette. It is the mouthpiece on which you place your lips to suck the smoke. This is why, exposed to air, dust and humidity, this part is particularly likely to retain dirt; it must therefore be maintained as a priority. For obvious hygiene issues, it is therefore imperative to regularly rinse the Drip-tip with clean water. Once it is clean, you can blow inside several times until the remaining drops of water are completely evacuated.

Clean chimney and airflow

The chimney and the airflow are essential components for the proper functioning of an electronic cigarette. These parts are an integral part of the clearomizer or atomizer and are constantly called upon to produce vapour and restore flavours. Since they allow the circulation of air, and steam and are subject to a suction effect, they are more likely to be exposed to dirt. This is why it is advisable to clean these components each time you change the resistance.

If the chimney and the airflow are fixed to the clearomiser or the atomiser and cannot be disassembled, it will be much more difficult to carry out their complete cleaning. When disassembly is possible, in this case, it is advisable to pass them underwater at a high flow rate for several minutes, to rid them thoroughly of their impurities. Once rinsed, let the airflow and the chimney of your e-cigarette dry on a paper towel. There must be no trace of humidity left on these parts before you put them back on your clearomizer or atomizer .. Indeed, if there is water left, it could spread through the system and in the worst case, damage the resistance.

Should you clean the resistance and the battery of your electronic cigarette?


Like almost all the parts that make up your electronic cigarette, the resistance gets dirty and its efficiency decreases as you use it. Indeed, the resistance is composed of a wick, which is soaked in e-liquid and a coil which allows the latter to be heated. In this sense, it is therefore bound to deteriorate. However, it is strongly advised not to try to clean the resistance, because the latter could be damaged much more quickly in contact with water. This is why it is better to change the resistance regularly, as you notice a drop in performance.


Over time, the accumulator of your vape can show signs of wear and have difficulty in ensuring the supply of your atomizer / clearomizer. To clean its connectors, simply use absorbent paper or a dry cotton swab. It is of course excluded to clean your e-cigarette battery with water or with any other liquid component; at the risk of generating a short circuit and damaging your battery for good.

Some tips to extend the life of your electronic cigarette

If you do not have much time to devote to the maintenance of your e-cigarette, it is advisable to know the good practices to put in place to delay as much as possible the appearance of the first signs of wear and to use it as soon as possible. as long as possible! At first, the atomizer / clearomizer should never work with an empty tank. It is indeed preferable to anticipate and fill it if the liquid level is low and to always choose the best setting for your resistances. Moreover, it is necessary to opt for a suitable mode, if you want to produce a lot of smoke; to avoid overheating. Finally, empty the liquid of your electronic cigarette, if you won’t be using it for a while. This will limit any risk of clogging.

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