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This is the basic operation of an e-cig: the resistance is heated, and the liquid coming into contact with it is vaporized in the chimney. But for more or less obvious reasons, e-cigs sometimes overheat and lead to a most unpleasant vaping experience. We list the different possible reasons for this problem and the ways to remedy it.

Overheating of the resistance for vaper-vacuum cleaners

You have just taken a puff and you already take a second puff, then a third time on your e-cig… Of course, your e-cig overheats after a while! This mistreatment of resistance is called chain vaping, first-time vapers who pull on their vapers like on a cigarette are the first victims.

A ”cooldown” (cooling time) of a few seconds is to be observed between each puff to allow your resistance to catching its breath (like you by the way)! It’s the same principle as on a cigarette: very quickly chain the puffs and the temperature of the filter will increase until you burn your lips.

If the problem persists, think about changing your way of vaping and ask yourself the right questions: perhaps your liquid is too little nicotine – or – an aroma that is too little satiating that pushes you to vape like a vacuum cleaner?

A wattage too powerful for your resistance

The principle of an e-cig is a battery (Accu) which supplies current to your resistance, which will then heat the e-liquid and transform it into vapour. The performance ratio between the wattage of your e-cig and the ohm of your cigarette tells you the power limits that should not be crossed or risk burning out its resistance. You can refer to the following power ratio:

  • 0.15 to 0.3 ohm: 20 to 100 watts
  • 0.3 to 0.5 ohm: 20 to 60 watts
  • 0.5 to 1 ohm: 20 to 35 watts
  • 1 ohm to 1.5 ohm: 9 to 15 watts
  • Above 1.5 ohms: 10 watts maximum

Exterior elements

Leaving your e-cig exposed to direct sunlight (under a windshield or near the window) is a bad idea! As with all electronic equipment, prolonged exposure to heat (near a window or a running heater) can cause overheating and malfunctions. So be careful not to leave your e-cig anywhere!

Too powerful loading

This is a common mistake among first-time vapers: avoid powering up your e-cig using a portable charger, which is too powerful for e-cigs. Prefer charging via a USB port (computer or television) with an amperage more suited to your equipment.

Another possible reason is the fact of vaping after charging the device directly on a socket. Powering up your vaper most of the time causes its battery/accumulator to heat up. To vape without risk, I advise you to wait a few minutes after unplugging it.

Also, if you have removable batteries, remember to bring a battery charger. The use of this material, specific to your batteries, will allow better longevity to your material.

A clearomiser no longer contains enough liquid

Logically, if your resistance is no longer soaked and you heat your resistance, it will end up burning! So be careful not to “vape dry” to prevent your electronic cigarette from overheating.

An overused resistor

Resistors do not have eternal life! When you have been using a resistor for some time and it shows signs of wear (taste alteration, burnt taste, leaks, etc.), its time has certainly passed. Now is the time to change resistance. 

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