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The vape is the most popular aid to try to quit smoking. Neither tobacco nor pharma, why such a success?

This is one of the main pieces of information that was published in the latest Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin (BEH) from Public Health, a special issue on smoking. If more than half of smokers still choose not to use any help to quit smoking, more than 56% of those looking for a “crutch” choose the vape, against only 38% who use nicotine substitutes.

Smoker, I’m not sick…

The BEH also reveals that barely 22% of smokers call on a doctor or tobacco specialist. The “medical course” is therefore not an option for almost 80% of smokers. Nicotine substitutes have been around for almost 40 years, but the results are not up to par, certainly a question of misuse (treatments that are too short and not dosed enough), but also a “break” that is certainly too brutal, apart from nicotine, smoker no longer has the gesture, nor the pleasure.

The “medical” side of the proposals for substitutes or drugs repel a large number of smokers, not wanting to feel sick, not wanting to go into pharma to get out of tobacco. This certainly explains the still incredible number of people who do not wish to have recourse to any help.

With the vape, we keep the pleasure…

How many smokers have dreamed of it? To be able to continue to “smoke” but without destroying one’s health. Inhale, exhale, consume nicotine, embellish the good times, and console yourself in the bad. No carbon monoxide, no tar, toxic compounds that must be looked for under the microscope and which most often do not exceed the levels contained in the ambient air, the vape is a miracle. Everything is there, except everything that kills in the cigarette.

But more! Indeed, if neo-vapers are naturally oriented to start with “tobacco” tastes, quickly an infinite world of flavours opens up to the taste buds to further increase the pleasure. Initially alternative, the vape becomes a new source of pleasures and discoveries. And beyond liquids, there are also materials, with different sensations for the vape but also the pleasure of objects and designs.

Vaping works…

The SOVAPE association has just published a report on a Facebook group opened on the occasion of the Month Without Tobacco which took place in November 2017. At five months, nearly 40% of the participants surveyed had stopped smoking. And the figure remains low compared to other experiences, for example in England (+ 60%). Never has a “solution” achieved such performance, which is what makes vaping so popular.

It works, and word of mouth works. 

Neither tobacco nor pharma…

The vape is a new alternative thousands of specialized shops have opened, new places to welcome smokers. Getting out of cigarettes also means getting out of the morbid routine, taking on new habits, and changing patterns. Not going to the tobacconist is also part of the course of weaning, not giving the slightest penny to the tobacco industry as well, and not going to a pharmacy, not feeling “sick”.

Everything is there, except the state…

In just 10 years, vaping has become the most popular way to quit smoking. That works. Thousands of shops have opened, and many manufacturers have emerged and produced quality products. Everything is there, a system, networks and skills for the most incredible and fastest reduction in smoking of all time to occur in.

It would be enough to hold an honest speech to the population and to support the entire professional sector, but that is not done. Has the tobacco system corrupted our administration and our policies to this extent? Are there elected officials who put public health first before the interests of a system that causes 73,000 premature deaths each year in our country, which are avoidable moreover?

A deputy, Thierry Benoit, asked the question in the National Assembly. He wonders why the vape, the most popular way to quit smoking, does not have the support of governments. Will he get an answer?

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