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Your electronic cigarette may heat up abnormally during your vaping sessions. You feel heating in the palm of your hand or even a burnt taste. Here are some recommendations to take full advantage of your electronic cigarette.

Why does my electronic cigarette heat up?

It is completely normal for your electronic cigarette to heat up. The e-liquid vaporizes by heating the resistance. When using the electronic cigarette, the resistance rises in temperature. This heating is therefore not abnormal.

On the other hand, if intense heat is released or even a burnt taste, you do have a problem. Several reasons can explain the abnormal heating of your electronic cigarette.

Perhaps the settings used are not suitable? It can be the result of misuse or forgetting to lock your electronic cigarette when you are not using it.

What to do?

Vape with the right gestures

One of the main reasons for hardware overheating is improper use. By adopting the right reflexes, you will avoid any disappointment:

  • Prime your coil well: make sure you prime your coil before use. Soak the resistor sufficiently with a few drops of liquid. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before vaping, then start by vaping slowly.
  • Don’t vape too fast: when you vape, prefer slow but long draws. Don’t pull too hard. Allow time for your electronic cigarette to cool between each puff. Your lungs will be delighted ;-).
  • Always keep e-liquid in your clear: frequently check the content of your clearomiser or your pod cartridge. If you inhale when it no longer contains e-liquid, the dry hit is guaranteed. Your resistance will heat up without drops of e-liquids and will burn. You will be forced to change your resistance.
  • Use a drip tip: If you hate feeling the heat on your lips, opt for a drip tip. This small tip will allow you to limit the sensation of heat during the evaporation of the e-liquid, but also the droplets of e-liquid.

Choose the right settings

The settings can sometimes be complex However with the right reflexes, they will allow you to access a more serene vape. First check that your airflow is not obstructed. Then be sure to check the following points:

  • Use the right resistance: your watts must imperatively be adapted to your resistance. To check this setting, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations which indicates the wattage range to be respected. This indication is displayed on your resistance, it is indicated just below the Ohms and looks like: “Best 45-60W”.
  • Use an adapted e-liquid: check that the composition of your e liquids is adapted to the resistance installed. There is a multitude of liquids that do not necessarily adapt to all types of resistance. For example, e liquids with a 20/80 ratio cannot be vaped with all coils.
  • Maintain your equipment: regularly clean your clearomiser and your drip tip and change your resistors. To go further, take a look at our article “how to clean an electronic cigarette”.

Happy Vaping everyone!

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