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An electronic cigarette is a device that combines a set of elements which, let’s remember, require some basic precautions to avoid the risk of accident or injury.

To ensure the autonomy of your box, you use batteries, i.e. a  rechargeable battery that requires special use.

The batteries of reliable brands dedicated to the vape do not explode! The problem lies either in non-compliance with safety rules or in the use of poor-quality equipment that no vaper should use.

The lithium batteries found in electronic cigarettes are present in our daily lives, for example in our smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, or laptops.

The battery is therefore a safe tool. With a few exceptions here.

In the case of the electronic cigarette, the battery can not explode but degas if one uses a charger which is not adequate or when one raises its temperature too much. When not in use, the battery should always be protected in a case. Shocks could damage it and lead to accidents. Be aware that simple friction with coins or keys in the bottom of your pocket could cause sparks.

Your reminder for proper use.

  • Get your supplies from reliable, professional and good advice specialized shops to have the assurance of controlled and quality material
  • Always transport your batteries in a box and place them in a protective case, never throw them in the bottom of a bag or a pocket, simple unfortunate contact with metal can cause serious accidents resulting in material damage and bodily;
  • Change your batteries when the protective plastic is damaged, you can eventually “rewrap” them if you know how to do it;
  • Check the correspondence of the different parameters of your battery, between its capacity in mAh, its discharge and its format. An IMR battery in 18650 formats, with a capacity of 3800 mAh for 50 A does not seem coherent. Inform yourself and reconsider your purchase.
  • The smaller a battery, the lower its discharge and capacity, so avoid 18350 for low resistance, as they will not support it;
  • For use in a box with several batteries, use the same batteries, of the same brand, with an equivalent number of charge and discharge cycles;
  • Always test your resistances with an ohmmeter before screwing the atomizer on your mod;
  • If your mod is equipped with a hybrid top cap (without pin), make sure that the pin of your atomizer comes out correctly from the connector, otherwise, you risk a short circuit;
  • Always use a mod or a box with degassing holes, in case of absence, the degassing of an excellent battery could lead to an explosion of your equipment.

Adopt the responsible vape!

These good reflexes are those of curiosity, caution, and common sense. The vape brings together such a community of specialists who give their time and flood the forums and other social networks with information and advice, do not go further and ask for it.

In terms of vaping, the batteries remain the most complicated element and risk factor, so it is important to respect the safety instructions listed above.

From there, we are of course always at your disposal to answer your questions, guide you or advise you in the use of your e-cigarette… in the safest way for you.

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