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An electronic cigarette consists of several elements, assembled, which allow it to function and release steam. To have this vapor, you need e-liquid, a thick substance, which when your fingers are full of it or worse… your pockets are full or at the bottom of your handbag becomes a hassle. So the question that concerns us today is: why does my ecig leak and how to avoid it?


When you use your e-cig, your resistance (coil) heats up. This is in contact with a piece of cotton soaked in e-liquid, which creates steam. Yes, it’s the very principle of the vape!

When you are not using it, the cotton retains its absorption properties and continues to drink the liquid present in your tank. And because cotton is porous (meaning it’s not waterproof), your liquid may seep through it and end up in the suction tube.

At this point, gravity does its job and the liquid falls into your airflow tank to escape through the air intakes.

And unfortunately, when the liquid has flowed, there is not much left to do except to mop up and clean with a small damp towel. And wash your hands with soap!

As you will have understood, this phenomenon is likely to occur with all e-cig models except the tanks with the air intakes located on the top of the tank.

What to do?

There are other parameters to consider.

Indeed, an e-liquid with a high proportion of PG (propylene glycol), will tend to leak more easily because it is very fluid. Depending on the coils you use, then prefer liquids with more VG (vegetable glycerin).

Similarly, changes in pressure (mountain, plane, etc.) or temperature (high summer heat) directly affect cotton’s retention capacity.

If it happens to you too often, you can still make sure that your tank is not defective, and that your resistance does not need to be changed.

Another solution, opt for a reliable clearo that does not leak, especially the models where the air intakes are located on the top of the tank. Yes, it exists!!! You will find some model proposals linked to this article.

The best solution is therefore to always keep your e-cigarette upright, to have a small handkerchief handy just in case… and to accept that it can happen sometimes, and that in the end it’s not that serious. only that.

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