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Electronic cigarettes, vaping… You know them by several names. It is she who makes you experience exquisite sensations. It allows you to inhale a fragrant vapour of delicious flavours. It is she who embellishes all your vape breaks.

But, concretely, an electronic cigarette, what is it?

Discover absolutely everything there is to know about your vape. Maximize your vape pleasure and know a little more about this device that accompanies all your tastiest moments.

Knowledge is power: take control of your senses. Pleasure only depends on one puff!


The electronic cigarette is a device that produces vapour. It has the shape of a tube or a rectangular box. It is fully electronic and uses electricity to operate.

It, therefore, generates vapour, which distinguishes it from the classic tobacco cigarette. In other words, an e-cigarette is a kind of augmented cigarette, 2.0, which is intended to be less harmful and tastier.

The electronic cigarette allows you to choose what you want to inhale, such as the taste of your vapour. It is more or less powerful depending on the type of device you choose.

It is made up of at least three elements that make up the strength and originality of your machine. Some manufacturers even equip it with modes that allow you to customize it as much as possible.

Electronic cigarette users are called vapers.

What is an electronic cigarette used for?

The electronic cigarette is used to “vape”. Vaping refers to steam, its fundamental principle. Indeed, it produces, by a heating reaction, an aerosol that you inhale via the drip tip (the mouthpiece).

The vapour looks like smoke but isn’t. It can be flavoured according to the e-liquids you choose.

Electronic cigarette liquids are present in bottles that contain all the ingredients necessary for the production of vapour. They are flavoured with food aromas that ensure all their flavour. A real treat!

Besides, you have a choice. Whether it’s a gourmet, fruity flavoured e-liquid or a very fresh liquid, you can treat yourself to a real feast while vaporizing.

The role of the electronic cigarette is to heat this liquid present in the tank of your clearomiser. This turns into vapour, which you then inhale. In just a few seconds, you are vaping with your e-cig delicious clouds that exhale your favourite flavours!

The different names of the electronic cigarette

  • Ecigs
  • e-cigarettes
  • Vaping
  • Steamboat
  • Vaper
  • personal vaporizer

How do electronic cigarettes work?

On your electronic cigarette, you have a button called “Fire”, “firing” button or even a “switch” button. It can take different forms, such as that of a trigger example. When you activate it, you send an electric shock into your device.

This reaches the resistance, a metal part placed in the heart of your clearomiser. It is connected to your e-liquid via a cotton wick.

The electricity generated therefore reaches the resistance composed of one or more resistive wires. These heat up and by a conductive effect also heat the liquid. The vaporization works! The energy necessary for this kind of transformation is present in the battery of your electronic cigarette.

The vaper, the one who uses the vapour, has control of his vape device. The electrical energy can be sent manually, by directly pressing the button, or automatically.

Indeed, some electronic cigarettes can spot the moment when the vaper pulls on his drip tip and tries to draw in the vapour. They then operate on their own and send automatic power.

Easy and practical when you don’t want to get lost with watt calculations, this type of machine appeals to vapers who are new to the world of vaping.

What are the differences between tobacco cigarettes?

As you can imagine, the fundamental difference between a classic tobacco cigarette and an electronic cigarette is the production of vapour. The first generates smoke that contains burnt tobacco, often composed of carbon monoxide and tar.

The second creates vapour free of all these substances. It can be an interesting alternative to tobacco, as a substitute or a way to reduce its consumption.

Attention, it should be remembered that the electronic cigarette is not a drug. It does not guarantee miraculous weaning from tobacco.

If the e-liquids and vapour produced may contain nicotine, similar to that of the classic tobacco cigarette, this does not in any way replace personalized medical monitoring.

Do you want to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes? Talk to your doctor. The electronic cigarette is full of advantages that prove interesting in the long term. More economical, it also uses better quality ingredients that are less harmful to your health.

Plus, you’re having fun. The smell and taste of your vapour are so delicious that it is difficult to resist this experience. It’s like giving yourself a gourmet break, but without complexity or limit.

Vape at any time of the day and create an exquisite cocoon of vapour all around you.

Your loved ones will no longer grimace. No more smell of cold tobacco that sticks to your skin: hello the thousand and one flavours and their incomparable delights.

But before you throw yourself body and soul into the world of electronic cigarettes, do not hesitate to seek the advice of professionals.

Ask us online or in-store so that we can best help you find the e-cigarette of your dreams. These devices are a bit like magic wands… Each electronic cigarette has its vaper.

What is an electronic cigarette made of?

An electronic cigarette necessarily consists of:

  • From a battery
  • A clearomizer or atomizer (with drip tip, tank and resistance)
  • of liquid


The battery of your electronic cigarette is essential. This is what contains the electrical energy needed to operate your device.

It generally consists of one or more accumulators (the “batteries”). However, it may be a battery directly integrated into your ecig, which you only have to charge when the time comes. This is the low and compact part of your vape.

It can take several forms, such as that of a box that keeps you longer in terms of autonomy. This one has the format of a small square and compact “box”.

The stick format meanwhile, more classic and initially intended to regain the appearance of a traditional cigarette, is long and thin, of the tubular type.

The battery allows you to supply your electronic cigarette with energy. When it contains batteries that you can remove and replace, it is called a “mod”.

The autonomy of your vape depends on the amperage of your battery, expressed in mAh. The higher its number, the longer you can vape and without counting your hours.

You benefit from all your electronic cigarette kits from a USB charger which allows you to fill up with energy.

Be smart, and influence your autonomy! Thanks to the functionalities of your vape device, gain energy or save it. The most important of these is variable wattage, which allows you to adjust the current sent to the resistor.

The higher the wattage, the more vapour you produce. Some mods or batteries vary the power automatically: the strength of technology! The comfort is total, the vape intense.

The clearomizer or atomizer

The clearomiser is the upper part of your electronic cigarette. It consists of the tank, the drip tip and the resistance.

This small object no larger than the centre of your palm is the heart of your e-cigarette. Without it, no steam. Without it, no flavours.

It is screwed via a connection pin on the battery, which together forms your electronic cigarette. The parts of the clearomizer are generally completely removable so that you can replace and clean them.

The reservoir

Borosilicate glass, called pyrex, is the element that makes your tank. This material is designed to withstand very high heat and avoid thermal shocks, which are not necessarily welcome when vaping.

The tank holds your favourite e-liquids. It often has a cylindrical shape but can also have a more stylized format called “bulb”. It looks like a kind of bulb with rounded edges.

It can also be in the form of a refillable or disposable cartridge. Usually, cartridges are for pods. They can be connected with the resistance, which makes them disposable. So when the resistance dies, the cartridge must be replaced.

Nevertheless, some cartridges are made to allow you to change the resistance without having to sacrifice it: this is more economical, more ecological and of course more practical.

The capacity of your pyrex tank is expressed in millilitres. To fill up with unforgettable flavours, fill it from the top or the bottom, from the top cap or the base of the clearomizer.

The first method is still the best since it prevents you from leaking liquid and keeps your fingers dry!

Of course, change your pyrex whenever you want. Whether it is cracked or simply worn, it is screwed and unscrewed on the base of your clearomiser.


The resistance is the heart of your electronic cigarette. As we have seen, it is thanks to it that your e-liquid vaporizes. It consists of one or more resistive wires (also called coils) in which cotton is rolled up, called a “wick”.

The wick must be of good quality to ensure excellent capillarity. It is thanks to it that the aromas of your e-liquid are well vaporized and fill your taste buds.

The resistance is consumed as you use your vape. The levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin present in the composition of your liquids for e-cigarettes are quite fatty. By dint of heating, they clog your wick and prevent your resistance from working properly.

Ideally, you should change the resistance of your electronic cigarette every two to three weeks maximum.

Little tip! Depending on the desired volume of steam and its intensity, choose a more or less powerful resistance.

Each atomizer has a value expressed in ohm. The lower and further away it is from 1 ohm, the more vapour your e-cig produces. It is said to be a sub-ohm resistor since it generates very hot clouds.

The higher your atomizer value is above 1 ohm, the thinner your vape. The flavours are put in the spotlight and you embark on a king’s feast!

The drip tip

The mouthpiece of your electronic cigarette allows you to inhale the vapour.

When your e-liquid turns into vapour, it goes up the chimney. This is the hole in the centre of your clearomiser. It, therefore, passes through this narrow tube and reaches the drip tip on which you put your lips.

Take your breath, get ready and inhale! The vapour fills your mouth and pours its delicious aromas on your palate. A one-of-a-kind delight!

Two types of inhalation exist in the world of vaping:

  • Indirect inhalation is known as MTL. It is done in two stages: 1. You inhale the steam which leaves its exquisite fragrance on your taste buds. 2. The vapour travels down your throat to your lungs.
  • Direct inhalation, called DL. It’s a pretty strong one-shot with a breathtaking throat hit. The vapour hits your lungs directly. It allows you to produce an astronomical amount of clouds. It is recommended for cloud chasing.

Rebuildable atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers are clearomizers on which you can make your resistors. They have a mounting plate on which you mount your coils and insert the cotton to make wicks.

You have several types of rebuildable atomizers: RDA (dripper without tank), RTA (with tank), and RDTA (dripper with tank).

These are primarily aimed at vaping DIY enthusiasts and electronic cigarette MacGyvers. If the assembly is not as complicated as you think, it is still necessary to be well equipped and to know a minimum.

Rebuildable atomizers are more efficient in terms of flavour and, above all, optimized by and for you, according to your vape preferences. Inevitably, your vaping is better!

The liquid

The liquid for electronic cigarettes is the must-have to have to take full advantage of your vaping. Choose your favourite perfume and find it immediately upon aspiration.

In general, an e-liquid only needs three or four ingredients to allow you to find authentic flavours and a pleasant vapour:

  • Propylene glycol
  • vegetable glycerin
  • food flavourings
  • Nicotine

PG and VG are essential. Essential, the first accentuates the intensity of food aromas and the second generates a maximum of steam. Depending on the result you want, choose e-liquids made with a higher rate of one or other of these ingredients.

Nicotine, on the other hand, should be chosen with care. Above all, if you do not smoke, never take an e-cigarette liquid with nicotine. It can be harmful when you are not used to it.

Nicotine is available in several dosages in your bottles. The more you smoke, the higher your dose will need to be. Use your usual tobacco cigarette consumption to estimate your nicotine needs.

Of course, you can gradually lower the dose in your e-liquids as you vape. The vaper is the only master of his vape.

Instructions for use: how to vape well?

There are several “rules” that assure you of a quality vape. If you are just starting in the world of vaping and are already lost in all the information there is, seek advice.

But without further ado, here are some tips that will allow you to vape well and even better: to treat yourself.

Choose a suitable inhalation

As we have seen, you have the choice between direct inhalation, which is airier, or indirect inhalation, with a tighter draw.

The first is suitable for experienced vapers who want to create huge clouds of vapour. The mass is so important that it is necessary to have the taste buds prepared. The flavours are generally a little more mellow.

The second is suitable for beginner vapers who don’t know how to start. The vapour supply is similar to that produced by a classic tobacco cigarette. The sensations are close, which does not destabilize you too much for a start.

However, an e-cigarette is not pulled in the same way as a cigarette.

The first puff (the puff) can be surprising. Aspirations are longer, around 3-4 seconds, and smoother. If you pull like a traditional cigarette, your hit in the throat will be too strong and you will cough.

Don’t forget to prime your resistance

The resistance is constantly related to the liquid in your tank. When you change it, you have to prime it. This is a simple and necessary step, which prevents you from burning the wick of your atomizer and feeling the very unpleasant dry hit (taste of burning in the mouth).

To start your resistance, soak its wicks with e-liquid, fill the tank of your clearomizer and wait about ten minutes. You have to wait the time it takes for your cotton to be well impregnated with liquid.

Use an e-liquid compatible with your resistance

And yes! If you use a High VG e-cigarette liquid (i.e. with a higher level of vegetable glycerin), with a high resistance (whose value is greater than 1 ohm), you are sure to go towards the disaster.

If you want to go cloud hunting, the famous cloud chasing, with the inhalation of a maximum amount of vapour, prefers High VG e-liquids and low resistances (less than 1 ohm).

Conversely, atomizers with an impedance greater than 1 ohm are compatible with e-liquids having more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin. The flavours are thus more pronounced and more pleasant in the mouth.

The electronic cigarette allows you to revolutionize your breaks. Compact and adapted to be ergonomic with a pleasant grip, it is the ally of many vapers in search of new sensations.

The vapour is fragrant, and delicious just the way you like it. Depending on your type of vaping, you increase its volume or decrease it. With the electronic cigarette, everything is done so that your senses are touched and subjugated. It’s up to you to try!

Whether you are a smoker or not, you have probably heard of electronic cigarettes. What is this for? What are the benefits of vaping? Here are our answers and advice.

The principle of the electronic cigarette

The vapour, also called the electronic cigarette, is a small technological device that allows you to inhale the vapour. It is composed of :

  • a base, which contains the battery of the device also nicknamed the “box”,
  • a clearomizer which contains a resistor and a tank,
  • a drip tip to suck up the vapour.

To operate an electronic cigarette is simple. The user presses a button located on the box. This has the effect of sending an electric current from the battery which heats the resistor. This heats the liquid contained in the tank, which then turns into vapour, and reaches the drip tip via a pipe called a “chimney”.

In less than a second, the vaper can draw in the vapour created.

What is the difference between conventional cigarettes?

The main difference between a conventional cigarette and an electronic cigarette is the harmfulness of the product. Indeed, the components of a cigarette are very harmful to health. With an electronic cigarette, users consume a product with less impact on health.

In addition, the e-liquid, which is poured into the tank, can be chosen according to its needs. The nicotine level can be controlled and an aroma can be chosen. This solution is therefore much more customizable than when buying classic tobacco.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

There are many advantages to opting for the electronic cigarette:

  • Limit the effects on health: being able to control the quality of the e-liquid used and being able to dose the nicotine level, makes it possible to reduce the health risks. If they are not zero, they are limited compared to the classic cigarette.
  • Reduce or even stop your nicotine addiction: being able to dose your nicotine level is a good way to break your addiction. Indeed, it is possible to gradually lower the rate until it stops completely. The smoker can therefore vape with a product without nicotine.
  • Pay less for consumption: even if vaping requires accessories and products, it still costs less than buying cigarette packs. Especially given the increasing increase in their prices.
  • Limit external nuisances: the smell of the electronic cigarette is much less disturbing than that of a conventional cigarette.
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