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Martin Borne, co-founder of electronic cigarette retailer "Demain J'arrete", demonstrates the use of an electronic cigarette in his shop in ParisCurrently, electronic smoking devices have a variety of types and models made of wood, steel, plastic. They may have various sizes and colors, made in form of conventional cigarettes, cigars or have unusual looking similar to the radio or even a violin. You can taste more than 200 different flavors and find your favorite. Also you may change the content of nicotine and consequently, the “heaviness” of tightening from the strong to the non-nicotine.

The switching to electronic cigarettes allows smoker more easily and quickly get rid of the harmful addiction (if a smoker really pursues this goal). Especially, this method is suitable for those who want to quit smoking but are forced to be constantly in the community with smokers.

Or for those with nervous or tense profession, for which smoking is a way of at least a few minutes to relax and relieve stress. Unlike patches with nicotine, chewing gum and other nicotine replacement products, electronic cigarettes help fight with the psychological addiction to smoking.

The physicians and specialists’ reviews, of course can not be called unambiguous. Furthermore, electronic cigarette manufacturers themselves warn about some contraindications of e-device use. So, it is not recommended to “vape” to pregnant and lactating women, people under 18 years, those who have problems with cardio – vascular system, as well as to non-smokers (those who want to use electronic cigarettes just as an fashionable and stylish accessory). After switching to e-cigarette every smoker must understand that this device must be used to quit smoking, but not as an fashionable device, because it contains nicotine.

For smokers, electronic cigarette is much safer than conventional, because you do not inhale about 4,000 toxic elements as from tobacco cigarette.
However, the views of smokers who have tried to switch from conventional to electronic cigarette, for the most part are positive. Many users say that with the use of e-cigarettes they start to smoke less, and many of them later generally stop smoking. Moreover, smokers who have health problems because of smoking, noted an improvement in their condition: decreased breathlessness, ceased to appear pain in the legs and throat, stepped back tachycardia, disappeared unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke.

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