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In the UK Electronic Cigarettes have equated to medicinesDavid Sweanor opinion.
A well-known advocate for a healthy lifestyle, who worked with a variety of health care organizations around the world, David Sweanor expressed his opinion about electronic cigarettes. In an interview he explained why he considers them useful and how he sees the e-devices’ future.

According to David Sweanor, electronic cigarettes are much safer compared to tobacco cigarettes, however, they can’t be considered completely harmless . The main purpose of e-cigarettes is that they help people change the way of nicotine consumption and make it more technologically advanced.

David Sweanor believes that such an effective alternative of tobacco, should be easily accessible to people. After all, e-cigarettes help reduce the risks of the smokers’ health. He also insists that people should easily get information about the product.

As about criticism, David Sweanor believes that it is not worth paying attention on this. Opponents of electronic cigarettes till today can’t bring any weighty and reasoned arguments in favor of their position. Today many studies confirm the benefit of electronic cigarettes.

David Sweanor hoped that the number of the “safer smoking” fans will increase over time.
One of the main problems, according to David Sweanor, is the control of the market of electronic cigarettes. Only this measure will help monitor the quality of e-devices. Some brands of electronic cigarettes are manufactured in accordance with the standards, however, the market offers many products made underground, so they can’t be considered safe for people.

Dr Murray Laugesen about electronic cigarettes.
In late December 2010 a well-known New Zealand scientists engaged in electronic cigarettes’ research, Dr Murray Laugesen expressed his opinion regarding electronic cigarettes. In his interview, he tried to give answers to the questions, which all anti-smoking associations and health organizations of almost all countries of the world consider controversial.

First of all, the scientist pointed out the problem of safety of electronic products. Murray Laugesen said that the main threat to the human health is tobacco smoke, which in addition to nicotine contains more than four thousand harmful compounds and carcinogens. These poisons provoke health problems, including the emergence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other ailments. According to the researcher, the purified nicotine is much less harmful compared with those in conventional cigarettes. For this reason, electronic cigarettes containing only nicotine, can be considered safer.

Murray Laugesen also noted that electronic cigarettes can’t be considered medical products. According to scientists, to recognize them medical products, they must pass a huge number of tests and researches. Electronic cigarettes licensing will be possible only if the experimenters will be able to identify that they have positive influence on human body. Dr Murray Laugesen believes that such a procedure may become available in the near future. However, he focuses on the fact that will be licensed not all e-cigarette brands.

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