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Famous people about Electronic CigarettesMichael Siegel about electronic cigarettes.
Not so long ago, one of the most ardent supporters of quitting smoking, Professor Michael Siegel opened his blog on the Internet. The purpose of this resource, according to the scientist – the disclosure of the lies that tobacco companies and various non-governmental organizations put up as a truth.

In his blog, Michael Siegel refers not only to the issues of smoking regular cigarettes. He also expresses his opinion about electronic cigarettes.

On the question: – if electronic cigarettes may be safer or not than tobacco products, the scientist does not give a direct answer, but, referring to the facts, professor argues that e-cigarettes can be considered as much less harmful comparatively with conventional tobacco cigarettes.

However, he also says that the experiments with electronic cigarettes should be continued. According to the scientist, only positive results of long-term researches may be submitted to the public decision.

Also, the author in his blog focuses on the problem of “conspiracy” against electronic cigarettes. Michael Siegel said that, most likely, the tobacco companies do not have the goal “to close markets for e-devices”. However, he also argues that today’s pharmacological methods of nicotine dependence treatment, become a real “profit provider” for companies engaged in tobacco control. Thus, the professor believes that the major role in reducing the number of electronic cigarette in the markets of many countries are playing the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies.

Vladimir Putin about electronic cigarettes.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin approved electronic cigarettes. It happened on the famous youth forum “Seliger”, where to Prime Minister were proposed and demonstrated some electronic cigarettes. After getting acquainted with the device, the Premier said that the idea impressed him.

It is known that Vladimir Putin is a big supporter of a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, the positive assessment of the electronic cigarette by the Prime Minister, may be one of the arguments “pro” for this gadgets. A great advantage was the fact that e-cigarettes reduce the amount of harmful substances which pass in the smoker’s body and avoid the effect of passive smoking.

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