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Pros and cons of Electronic CigarettesAlmost every second smoker tried to give up smoking. But not as terrible is nicotine dependence, as strong psychological dependence to cigarette in hand and usual smoke. There are various disputes, who is sponsoring the anti-tobacco companies producing nicotine gums, candies and patches which must replace cigarettes. It is also possible that the tobacco companies themselves, trying not to lose their customers addicted those who want to quit smoking cigarettes on other drugs with nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes have become one more substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes tell us that they are totally harmless. They don’t have thousands of harmful substances which were found in tobacco cigarettes.

Because electronic cigarettes consists of pure nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavors. Many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes say that they are harmless, but this is not true, because any harmful habit can not be harmless, including electronic cigarettes. The best of course is to quit smoking at all and not to resort to any substitutes.

Some differences between electronic cigarette and conventional cigarettes:
– Electronic cigarettes does not contain: benzene, ammonia, arsenic, cyanide and carbon monoxide, as well as no smoke, that means – no passive smoking. A conventional cigarettes have this all, and in large amounts.
– Electronic cigarettes does not contain: carcinogens, in conventional were found about 60 types of carcinogenic substances.
– Electronic cigarettes does not contain: tar, and thus don’t yellowing your teeth.
– While smoking electronic cigarette, you will not have bad breath, no smoke smell on clothing, hair and other things.
– If you prefer to smoke e-cigarette, you can choose the flavor that you like.

Pros and cons of electronic cigarettes.
Advantages of electronic cigarettes:
– E-cigarettes can become a good device which will help you to give up smoking, (if you really want to quit smoking).
– They do not contaminate lungs with tar and other chemicals, because have no products of combustion as in tobacco cigarettes.
– No tobacco smoke, no unpleasant smell from your breath, clothes, hair, hands, etc.
– It is possible to smoke in prohibited areas (as restaurants, markets, public places where the ordinary smoking is prohibited).
– Easy and safety of use. No need to use fire and ashtray and contaminate everything around with cigarette butts.
Cons of electronic cigarettes:
– After switching from regular cigarettes to electronic, it is likely that you may gain the psychological addiction to them too as from those conventional.
– Thinking that electronic cigarettes are absolutely harmless, you’ll probably smoke more than ever before. So you can get an overdose of nicotine.
– Harmlessness of electronic cigarettes has not been proved!
– And is not yet proven, their vapor effect on the human lungs.
– This type of product is not subjected to mandatory certification, and, therefore, you can stumble across fake and shoddy devices that can harm your health.

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