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Four myths about Electronic CigarettesThe first myth – electronic cigarette quickly breaks and, in fact, is a fire hazard and can explode. This myth is probably associated with the appearance on the market of products of dubious quality of unknown manufacturers and suspiciously low price.

In fact, high-quality electronic cigarettes have a rugged design, safety, high-quality components, and in fire hazard, it unlikely will surpass your cell phone, these devices have simply nothing to burn.

The second myth – the liquid in the cartridge contains antifreeze. This myth is most likely connected with the fact that the composition of the liquid contains propylene glycol, which chemical component is contained in antifreeze. However, it should be noted that propylene glycol is also FDA approved for use in the cosmetic and food industries.

The content of propylene glycol should be 1000 times higher than its content in the liquid for electronic cigarettes, to really be able to talk about what it can lead to health disorder. By the way, the other components of the e-liquid are: purified water, glycerin and flavor enhancers – also harmless to humans and are used in food industries too. However, we must remember that the cartridge must be charged with liquids only from trusted manufacturers, in this case it can guarantee absolute harmless of electronic cigarette vapors.

The third myth – while using e-cigarettes there is a possibility to gain nicotine overdose. Not at all. As practice shows, it is enough to make a few puffs to satisfy your “smoking” desire (again, you own have the total control over the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, you can take liquids with lower nicotine content or without it at all). Also you may after time reduce the nicotine content in your e-liquid to zero and after, completely quit smoking.

The fourth myth – the electronic cigarette does not help to quit smoking. Yes, but only for those who do not want to give up smoking. For those who really want to quit smoking and has psychological dependence or addiction to nicotine, this device can help fight against this pernicious and bad habit as smoking.

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