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Electronic Cigarettes helped reduce smoking in the UKThe proportion of non-smokers among users of electronic cigarettes is negligible – 0.14%

Over the past 40 years, the level of smoking in the UK fell from 46% to 19%. This is partly explained by the switching to electronic cigarettes which began to be sold in Europe and the UK in 2006 – according to BBC and the Guardian.

Leading British publications and news agencies have published data of the UK Office for National Statistics, according to which 2.1 million citizens use e-cigarettes.

While the share of those who had never smoked regular tobacco, but uses electronic cigarettes – is negligible and accounts for only 0.14%.

Only one of 300 electronic cigarette consumers had never had the experience of smoking.

Almost all consumers of electronic cigarettes – a current or former smokers. Therefore, the arguments of critics that electronic cigarettes can switch vapers to smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes are mostly unfounded – BBC reports.

More than half of those who use electronic cigarettes in the UK, explained their choice as a desire to quit smoking. In this case, every fifth of respondents believe that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

– A balanced and effective regulation of the turnover of electronic cigarettes will help reduce the risks and maximize the positive potential of substitute products of tobacco cigarettes. This will help to significantly reduce the spread of diseases related to tobacco use, which are killing about 80,000 Englishmen annually – predicts National Director for Health and Welfare Center for Public Health England, Professor Kevin Fenton.

His colleague, executive director of the British Lung Research Center, Dr. Penny Woods also positively appreciates this statistic, and believes that it will reduce the fears in society about electronic cigarettes. At the same time, Dr. Woods calls the government to closely monitor the circulation of electronic cigarettes, as the popularity of these products grows.

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