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The famous brands of E-LiquidsDekang
Is one of the world leaders in the production of e-liquids. This is a pharmaceutical company which has its own laboratory, and conducts ongoing researches on the subject of improving the quality of their e-liquids, creating new tastes and flavors.

The range of flavors Dekang is represented by four main directions: fruit, mint, tobacco and exotic flavors. Only about fifty names. Of unusual can be noted liquids with vitamins B, C, E, green tea extract, coenzyme Q10.

Lovers of liquids with exotic tastes especially like those of cocktails and drinks flavors: Pina Colada, whiskey, rum. According to customer request Dekang e-liquids may contain from 0 to 18mg nicotine. Moreover, this brand produce one of the cheapest liquids, in the online shops can be found Dekang liquids from $ 2-3 per 10ml.

European leader, which manufacture not only finished liquids for electronic cigarettes, but also all the necessary ingredients for their self homemade.
FlavourArt provides the possibility of mixing liquids directly at the factory by client recipe. The user may only choose the nicotine content and flavor components and await the arrival of the parcel with a specially prepared e-liquid.

In the e-liquids manufacturing, FlavourArt use only passed all the tests, safe food flavorings. Among flavors you can find menthol and alcoholic flavors (whiskey, white wine, gin, brandy), tastes of fruits and berries, spices, chocolate and coffee. This brand has a huge number of tobacco flavors. In total this brand developed more than one hundred tastes. The nicotine content in e-liquids can vary from 0 to 24mg.

JoyeTech liquid for electronic cigarettes – considered one of the famous and the best e-liquids on the market. In many cases with Joyetech liquid beginner vapers starts their acquaintance with electronic cigarettes – the cartridges in starter kits Joye are filled with this brand e-liquid.

JoyeTech liquids are distinguished by their original taste as close to the taste of cigarettes, a severe “throat hit” and saturated long aftertaste.
The quality of this brand’s liquids were confirmed by numerous certificates and earned the vapers respect regardless of taste preferences.

Joye liquids are can have following strength: 0 mg / ml (without nicotine), 6 mg / ml (Light), 11 mg / ml (Normal), 16 mg / ml (Strong). They are sold in bottles of 20ml and 30ml.

Halo – US premium e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Halo e-liquids are made only ​​from high quality components, have United States Pharmacopeia (USP) safety certificate which again confirms the quality of this product. The liquid taste is bright, rich and very close to traditional cigarettes, “throat hit” is very strong, even with a minimum content of nicotine in the liquid, which allows to reduce its strength unnoticed.

Halo liquids are perfect for everyday vaping they have intense taste, but at the same time, absolutely not boring. All this makes the Halo liquids one of the most popular among beginners and advanced vapers. The liquid is produced and bottled only in the US, in stock vials of 7 ml and 30 ml. Worth a try at least, in order to compare it with other liquids, for many gourmet Halo e-liquids are the standard of taste and quality.

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