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How to choose an e-cigarette? The tips of experienced vapersA few words about the design.

Electronic Cigarette consists of two main elements: battery and evaporator (atomizer). Principle of operation: battery supplies electricity to evaporator (clearomizer or atomizer), where takes place the evaporation of the liquid. The operating principle of electronic cigarette atomizer is similar to gasoline lighter. It has a thread that transmits e-cigarette liquid on special spiral, where it evaporates and is inhaled by vaper.

Battery for E-Cigarette is a very important element which should serve a long time and give the maximum voltage to the coil.

It is important to choose the battery capacity which will suits you best. If you smoke a lot, but not up to 10 cigarettes per day, you may take battery with capacity from 500 mAh – 900 mAh. For those who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, must choose the battery with the capacity not less than 900 mAh. Do not forget that more reliable batteries are those with switch on and off button, because they starts working when you press it.

If you buy only one electronic cigarette in kit (not starter kit), then you should think about choosing a battery Pass-through (which can be charged while smoking). This battery will allow you to use the electronic cigarette constantly.

Atomizer (vaporizer)
Electronic cigarette’s atomizer – is the e-cigarette heart. After all, it produces those unforgettable puffs of steam. Atomizers differ in design and performance characteristics. So called “cartomizers” – the earliest vaporizers where e-liquid evaporates by heating the soaked filler. Such evaporators were unreliable, besides such fillers often burns and created the taste of burning. Also one of the main shortcomings was the need of constantly changing cartridges.

Another generation were so called tanks (tankomizers, tank-clearomizers) where the e-liquid evaporates directly from atomizer, and the vaporizer is separated from the cartridge with liquid.

Third generation are “steel clearomizers”, which allow the use of electronic cigarettes more actively, they give more steam, are easier in maintenance and are cheaper. When choosing vaporizer, you should pay attention to its interchangeability (jack connector), design and cartridge volume, larger volume provides greater autonomy.

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