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I decided to quit smokingI decided to quit smoking and my friends advised me that I should try e-cigarettes instead.

I heard that there are different types of e-cigarettes. So I surfed the Internet and stumbled upon a variety of them. I smoked shisha with my friends several times and I liked it a lot.

That’s why I decided to order 3 x SHISHA 20 Flavor 500 Puffs E Hookah Disposable Vaporizers For Fun Smoking from ebay seller lily.gifts1989. This seller has about 98% positive feedbacks, so I placed an order. The kit includes 3 pens.

They are disposable, not chargeable. They have a lot of flavors to choose from as follows: Blueberry, Raspberry, Apple, Banana, Orange,  Grape, Lemon, Coffee, Peach, Red Bull, Watermelon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Coconut. They asked me to choose 3 on my taste. I chose Vanilla, Watermelon and Blueberry.

I paid around 11 USD using paypal and started to wait. In about 4 weeks, the parcel came and it was rather tiny.

It appeared that they sent me exactly what I ordered and that was really exiting as Chinese vendors may mix up the contents sometimes.

The parcel contained 3 pens, they were all black with clouds of smoke printed on them with different colors: blue for Blueberry, red for Watermelon and light green for Vanilla.

Before opening I noticed that all 3 pens had rather strong pleasant smell of the given flavor I ordered. I removed plastic tip from one of them (Blueberry) and inhaled.

The taste was very good. Taking into consideration that there is absolutely no tar and nicotine in this ‘cigarette’, the smell and pleasant taste had good influence on me. No cigarette smell on my hair and on my hands.

They advertised that 1 pen is for about 500 puffs. I calculated that for my habit it’s about 1.5 packs of regular cigarettes. Summing up, buying e-cigarettes it a good way of quitting smoking if you have no nicotine addiction, but only want to have something slim in your hand and puff from time to time.

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