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Do you know how to select the e-cigarette liquid right? There are hundreds of different e-liquid brands produced to enjoy e-liquid flavors, the differences of which we will consider below.Each brand of e-liquids has its own history, recipes, a special approach to the creation of tastes, as well as the design of packages and bottles. European and American brands are very different from each other by typical methods of developing

wholesale e-juice flavors. American flavors are often emphasized by sweet and dessert aromas, often resorting to high glycerin content for use in drips. But among the brands from the US you can find excellent premium fruit juice brands and vape juice flavors with nicotine. Often, American e-liquids with top vape flavors occupy a premium segment because of the excellent quality composition of e-liquid ingredients. American manufacturers do not stop surprising the fans of vaping with new ideas while causing the premium e-juice wholesale

of their branded products. So in 2016, the e-liquid Humble appeared in the market, being supplied in containers of e-liquid 120ml capacity. European manufacturers are main competitors of the American premium segment e-juice wholesale suppliers.

But there is a common feature of all e-liquid manufacturers namely the e-liquid compositions and e-liquid ingredients.As you know, e-liquids consist of four components:

Propylene glycol


E-liquid nicotine

Aromatic substances

All listed components have a different level of quality, depending on the manufacturer. Propylene glycol, glycerin and nicotine together constitute the basis for the production of self-made e-juices. The basis is added flavor to get the finished liquid. Therefore, speaking about the differences in the liquid levels, it is worth mentioning the difference in the quality of its ingredients. The best quality glycerin and propylene glycol are made in Germany, and nicotine in America (RTS Vapes, Wizard Labs). Buying liquids for electronic cigarettes, you can go to the website of the brand and get acquainted with the quality of components, if such information is listed on the page, or you can consult the manufacturer’s support service.The quality of the components, apart from the taste, will also depend on the rate of carbon formation on your spirals / replaceable evaporators, since the glycerin included in the composition has a different degree of purification.

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