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Juul alternative UKThat huge number of devices, which has been released recently, looks like a blockbuster about the war. Everything is as if in a scenario, such Juul alternative UK products, inconspicuous at first glance, neatly enter the world of vape, and we didn’t even notice how they settled down and got their audience. Well, where there is demand, there will always be an offer. The guys from SMOK also thought the same and offered us a Juul alternative UK brand-new product NOVO KIT. It’s time to take a look at the new device and find out whether such devices really get their high marks deservedly.

Oh, in this aspect, this is a Juul alternative UK brand-new product and is almost the best on the UK market. It seems that they have found somewhere an inexhaustible source of inspiration and use it in the right direction. Looking at this set only confirms this theory. The style of the cobra with steel-colored inserts, well, it all looks just amazing. The elongated shape of the device is an ideal shape for such an appearance. And even the upper part, which is decorated exclusively in black, adds to the overall pattern of diversity, so the device does not seem so boring and monotonous, but rather draws attention to itself from an aesthetic point of view. As befits something stately a huge selection of variety, we are talking about the colors of the device, here NEW KIT boasts eight different colors.

Design and specifications:
As you might have guessed, this Juul alternative UK brand-new kit functions with removable cartridges. It seems that you reveal the secret of such a successful exterior, which we talked about a little higher. And the secret, in our opinion, is that we cannot find different inserts on the case that can spoil the whole picture, well, in addition to the micro USB port and a neat indicator that informs us about the battery charge. Yes, there were no buttons “fair”, the device is driven by tightening. Also on the case itself, closer to the cartridge we can see a special hole for controlling the liquid level. The battery is equipped with a capacity of 450 mAh. A cartridge has the ability to accommodate up to 2 ml of liquid.

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