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MyBlu is a pod system and one of Juul competitors vape devices with an interesting fate. Initially, it was an Austrian device called My Von Erl, which received many accolades and was promoted in several countries.

In early 2018, the entire tobacco company Von Erl was acquired by the British tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco, after which it “re-released” the pod with a new name – MyBlu to launch one of Juul competitors vape devices.

In technical terms, nothing has changed, except that the LED has been changed from green to blue to make it more suitable for the brand.

This behavior is quite typical for Imperial Tobacco – this company constantly buys manufacturers.

However, in the case of Von Erl, not a tobacco company was acquired, but a vaping company, which is rare. Moreover, the manufacturer was bought to continue the production of popular pod systems to be one of Juul competitors vape devices, and not tobacco heating devices or similar.

MyBlu is a rare representative of a full-fledged electronic cigarette “under the wing” in tobacco users.

MyBlu looks stylish and presentable, as it should be. Its dimensions are 106.5 x 17.6 x 9.2 mm and its weight is approximately 22 g. Thanks to this, MyBlu is easily hidden in a pocket or bag.

Logic Nicotine Saline Closed Capsule System is one of Juul competitors vape devices.

Easiness to use.

Changing capsules has never been so convenient. 1.6 ml magnetic capsules with liquid are instantly fixed, you just need to connect them to the top of the device. Just one move and the Logic Compact is ready to use.

Compact format of one of Juul competitors vape devices.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, Logic Compact fits perfectly in the palm of your hand (only 8.8 cm). The ideal solution for a dynamic life in a big city.

The choice is in your hands. Choose your style.

Logic Compact is available in six colors – steel blue, dusty rose, graphite gray, juicy lime, ruby red and rose gold.

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