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This is IQOS, a new cigarette that is used as follows: first it is charged using the device, and then the cigarette is removed. But the newest one is that for its ignition it is heated electronically without combustion. Therefore, since there is no smoke, the cigar generates vapor in each draft. The goal is to reduce the use of regular tobacco.

Currently, and in accordance with this premise, IQOS has entered the markets of Canada.

This is what experts say about the IQOS tobacco sticks.

Is IQOS a healthier alternative while remaining tobacco, as Philip Morris claims? Currently, everyone agrees that it is tobacco, and therefore some administrations are starting to ask themselves certain questions.

If you need more information about this product, such as how it works, how it is cleaned, and so on. Log in here and read our review of the latest version of IQOS tobacco sticks.

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Some words about how to use IQOS.

Before use, you need to remove the holder from the charger and insert the stick into it until the silver line. Then you need to hold down the button on the device and hold it until the vibration signal – heating will begin and after that, after about 20 seconds, you can start the session. After the session is completed, you need to remove the stick.

It can be thrown into a special small container, in which you can put used sticks – after all, IQOS can be used indoors, in a car and in public places (upon agreement with the administration), and not just on the street next to the urn.

After the session, the holder must be inserted into the charger and after 3-4 minutes, depending on the model, it will be ready for use again.

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