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Liquids for electronic cigarettesAll liquids for electronic cigarettes are divided in those with nicotine and without it. E-liquids with nicotine are divided in: – very strong (extra or extra-high nicotine content, from 26 to 24 mg/ml), strong (high nicotine content, from 16 to 18 mg/ml), medium (12-14 mg/ml nicotine), light (super light, less than 11 mg/ml) and very light or ultra light (ultra low 3 – 6 mg/ml nicotine).

E-Liquids may have natural taste of tobacco or other flavors. Generally, the smaller is the content of nicotine in e-liquids, the sweeter flavor they have. Thus, strong liquids are made with roasted coffee, bar tobacco, menthol, dark chocolate flavor. Non-nicotine liquids (or with light and ultra-light nicotine content) may have vanilla, cream, caramel, peach, banana, cola, ice cream taste.

The optimal volume
The vial capacity in which are sold e-liquids for electronic cigarettes are also different in volume. They may have 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 milliliters of liquid. Experienced vapers recommend for the first time to buy bottles of small volume. If the aroma and the taste of any liquid will not fits you, or will be too strong for you, it can be blended with other liquids of the same manufacturer.

For example, if the medium content of nicotine in some liquids seems to be too strong for you, the liquid can always be mixed with «light» one, in order to obtain a suitable strength. So, through experiments, each e-cigarette smoker picks the best option for himself. In addition, a small bottle is not so pitiful to throw, if you will not like it.

A few more details:
– Don’t mix non-nicotine liquid with liquids with any content of nicotine – they are made, as a rule, of different bases, even if the manufacturer of e-liquids is the same. It isn’t possible to predict how will work with such liquid an electronic cigarette.
– Switching to liquids of other manufacturers, is strongly not recommended mixing them with other of the same flavor, for the same reason.

Electronic liquid base
The e-liquid base – another type of classification. Any e-liquid is manufactured on the basis of two main components – propylene glycol and water. Another component – glycerol and auxiliary additives: nicotine, flavors, flavor enhancers, and softeners.

The more glycerol contain e-liquid base – the lighter seems to be e-cigarette during smoking. Thus, an e-liquid with marking “Velvet cloud” contain only glycerol and water plus flavorings. It is very soft electronic cigarette with soft taste and mild flavor. “Velvet cloud” don’t have “throat hit” and don’t cause irritation of the respiratory tract.

The main minus of “Velvet cloud” base is that it easily burns and produce breakdown products, which are highly toxic: acrolein, acetaldehyde. While vaping, appears a distinct bitter taste, which substantially worsens the impression from vaping.

Liquids for electronic cigarettes called “Traditional” are made ​​on the basis of water – 10%, propylene glycol – 50-55% and glycerol – 35-40% blend. It has distinct taste, so called “throat hit”, rich vapor and general impressions are similar to those from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E-liquids called “Ice blade” contain – 95% propylene glycol and 5% water. This is “heavy” liquid, its taste is almost like a real cigarette, especially if you use e-liquids without flavorings.

The wide choice of electronic cigarette liquids, allows you vary the taste and simulate the process of smoking. It is also a good way to save money on the cartridges purchase.

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