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What is Electronic Cigarette liquid?Electronic cigarette liquid – a basic consumable material for vapers. It affects the taste, sensation and the amount of nicotine inhaled.

Vapor instead of smoke.
E-cigarette is a mini-inhaler, that performs the role of the usual smoke in vapor. E-liquid is contained in a special container and gets on the atomizer, which hots it and converts it into steam, which is inhaled by vaper.

As the liquid evaporates, worsens vaporization and taste, so you need regularly replenish it and refill cartridges for electronic cigarettes.

Smoky and delicious.
Most vapers appreciate not only the amount of steam, but its taste. Another important factor is the amount of nicotine, on nicotine depends whether will receive the vaper or not, usual sensations, as from smoking and health disorders which can cause nicotine.
To beginner users are recommended to have several types of e-liquids with different nicotine content and taste (from medium nicotine strength to non-nicotine). What about the taste sensations, almost every manufacturer of electronic cigarettes offers a set of e-liquids of fruit, coffee, tobacco flavors of different nicotine strength.

Popular liquids for electronic cigarettes.
Among vapers, who smoke for a long time are very popular Chinese brand “Dekang” and “Hangsen”, Italian “Flavour Art” (often among smokers simply called FA), Apollo, Liqua, Halo, and other e-liquid brands. All famous brands carefully monitor the quality and the composition of their liquids. They use only food flavorings of the high quality that ensure safety and excellent mouthfeel.

Especial popularity among electronic cigarette users around the world, won the flavors that imitate tobacco taste.

Liquids for electronic cigarette consists of harmless substances. The basis for e-liquids consist of mixture of propylene glycol, glycerol and distilled water. These substances are used in the food industry and declared harmless. The e-liquid basis is used for easier evaporation and distribution of relevant substances (as nicotine) in the human body. In the e-liquids basis is also added, nicotine and flavorings.

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