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Why are so many physicians oppose E-Cigarettes?Some physicians will be “pro” electronic cigarettes, at least due to the fact that these devices while working don’t emit smoke, so dangerous to the public and the smoker health. For example pediatricians will say about electronic cigarettes positive and may support them, because the children of people who vape e-cigarettes do not suffer from carcinogens and toxic substances that emit ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

But here arises another problem, children often imitate the habits of their parents, so can be transmitted the smoking habit, even if not an ordinary tobacco cigarette but electronic one.

Psychiatrists which daily face with difficulties of deviant behavior treatment (smoking does not fit into the normal behavior is pathological addiction), react strongly against e-cigarettes, because the electronic cigarette doesn’t give the therapeutic effect of deliverance and treatment of addiction, and more of this, it can aggravate it.

Narcologists solidary with colleagues – Cigarette is not only a psychological addiction, it is also a physical addiction to nicotine. But e-cigarette support both addictions – both psychological and physical.

Doctors toxicologists and experts in the field of physiology also are against electronic cigarettes. This is due to several reasons. The first reason – the lack of long-term experience of these devices use. Notwithstanding that producers and sellers build their advertising campaigns on unproven facts about what e-cigarettes are completely harmless, safety and even the useful, but this is far from truth.

Have not been conducted any large-scale, randomized studies of electronic cigarettes, and the subjective user reviews (both positive and negative) can’t be considered reliable and excluding random factors.

The second reason – the inability to control the quality of the materials of which e-cigarettes are made, as the compositions of the cartridges and e-liquids. In hygienic certificates are specified all the materials used in these devices manufacturing and they well meet all the requirements. But again, there are no data about how these metals, plastics and other electronic components act with constant interaction with steam, nicotine, and other substances.

Third reason, but not the last – the composition of fluids (e-liquids, solids) used to refill e-cigarettes. It is understood that the safety of e-cigarettes is in fewer quantity of nicotine and in the absence of combustion products of tobacco, paper and flavors.

But at the same time the harms that can cause e-liquid’s components are glossed over. Very few people from electronic cigarette fans knows that glycerol and its esters are easily absorbed through the respiratory tract, causing renal diseases. Propylene glycol at evaporation temperature reacts with many substances forming toxic compounds of methyl, acetyl group, etc. In many respects, physician’s negative reviews about electronic cigarettes are associated with these poorly studied factors, that, nevertheless, doesn’t make e-cigarettes more harmful than ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

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