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ICIG Muses modMaybe only few of electronic smoking fans know anything about the Chinese company ICIG, perhaps it is because this brand was recently launched, and ICIG Muses mod is probably their first product. ICIG decided not to do, that the most Chinese manufacturers do, and don’t produce clones of branded electronic cigarette mods, they developed their own exclusive mod. Courage engineering solutions, specific design and features will amaze even experienced enthusiasts of electronic smoking.

Of course this device has plenty controversial issues, ranging from its size and finishing with its functionality. By my opinion ICIG Muses should be considered conceptual gadget rather than an unique device for everyday use.

The first thing that will catch your eyes is its size, the size and form of ICIG Muses reminds the bowling pins, it weighs more than 700 grams, and is definitely one of the most bulky battery mods, other mods with 26650 batteries look more compact than ICIG Muses. In the e-cigarette promotional video, ICIG marketers make it clear that the “the more is the better,” so they justify such an unusual shape and size.

What is inside the ICIG Muses?
– Battery size 26650;
– As atomizer are used three cartomizers with non standard screw-thread, of ICIG production;
– Is missing variable power and or voltage option, the device has stable 3.7 volts;
– It has bluetooth, to connect to your phone;
– It has built-in speaker, to play music from your phone;
– Call option from e-cigarette on the last dialed mobile phone number using the speakerphone.

From the perspective of the average consumer – such options as Bluetooth, built-in speaker, etc, are not too relevant in the e-cigarette, but the lack of options for changing the voltage, as well as the ability to use an atomizer or cartomizer except those of ICIG, may cause anger or confusion.

But in spite of all these shortcomings, ICIG Muses e-cigarette will find its customers, for fun many users will buy it in their collection, as the most shocking battery mod to show it to guests and friends.

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