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The most expensive Electronic CigaretteRussian tycoon who lives in Great Britain, decided to make an unforgettable gift to the birthday of his girlfriend, and ordered an exclusive e-cigarette at the shishasticks British company. Billionaire demanded that in the creation of this electronic cigarette they must use “only the very best quality materials.”

After four months of cigarette’s design development, the project was finally approved, the most expensive materials and precious gemstones have been selected and was launched the jewelry masterpiece called “Sophia,” (why it was called that way is anyone’s guess).

In the creation of this electronic cigarette clearomizer were used expensive Murmansk black glass. 24-karat gold adorns the electronic cigarette button and ring. But the most important thing is that this electronic cigarette is encrusted with 46 yellow colored Swarovski crystals, 246 colorless diamonds, worth 3,000 dollars each, and one oval-cut diamond, weighing 6 carats, valued 74,000 dollars. In total to this work of art has been spent around 550,000 pounds.
This is the most expensive electronic cigarette in the world. The customer name of this masterpiece, representatives of Shisha Sticks do not disclose, but only said that he is a Russian oil tycoon.

This device was hotly debated in the relevant communities, electronic smoking enthusiasts note the complete absence of the customer’s and manufacturer fantasy, who did not find a better option than to paste on the simple Kanger Evod battery and BDC clearomizer pieces of glass. The normal cost of Kanger Evod battery vary from 10 to 20$ (on official site Kangertech).

The average cost of simple BDC clearomizer vary 3-5$ if it is not a branded item (for example Aspire CE5 BDC & BVC Clearomizer costs 5$). The total value of such electronic cigarette vary from $ 15 to 25$.
It is hoped that this “corn” with diamonds really liked to tycoon’s girlfriend.

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