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What is an Electronic Cigarette mod?Battery mod – specially designed electronic device for high pulsed power or DC power generating, from its characteristics depend vaping process and quality. Battery mods are one of the most complex and expensive components of electronic cigarettes.

There are many different types of electronic cigarettes, including those of unusual shape, which differ from the standard vaping devices. Such unusual electronic cigarettes are called “Mods” ( modification), or so called modified versions. But the difference between classical electronic cigarette and modified e-cigarette is not only in shape modification.

How do they differ?
Almost all current models of e-cigarettes can be assumed to e-cigarette mods, because “modified” can be called any electronic cigarette that differ from the old eGo-T and eGo-C type.

E-cigarette mods sometimes have significantly greater dimensions and / or diameter. The mod body size increase is derived from the use of high-capacity battery. Such power supplies enable the continued use of electronic cigarette, without recharging it. In new electronic cigarette mods are available such interesting features as Variable Voltage/ Wattage, Passthrough, etc. This features allows you to adjust e-cigarette voltage and power during vaping, thereby enabling users while vaping get the maximum effect from e-cigarette, more rich taste, dense vapor, regardless of the atomizer type.

With Mods you can use whichever atomizer, by simply setting the appropriate settings on e-cigarette mod.

Mechanical mods – devices without electronic parts. The contact closure process with the stream generator occurs by simple mechanical lifting of the battery to the atomizer contact. These devices are considered very durable and wear-resistant, in fact they have nothing that can break.

Variable Voltage/ Wattage – electronic cigarette mods, which provide a functional option of changing voltage and power. This allows users to carry out the most delicate adjustments individually, for specific atomizer and personal preferences of vaping.

What electronic cigarette mod to buy, depends only from vaper needs. For convenience, most often, battery mods are sold as an individual part, without atomizer, batteries and other parts. Thus, the battery, atomizer and charger you can pick up separately based on your preferences and needs.

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