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The electronic cigarette is above all a means of weaning against tobacco. Its operation is extremely simple. A battery heats a resistor, which is in contact with an e-liquid. By heating, the liquid releases a vapour which carries the aroma and more or less nicotine (depending on the liquid chosen) that the vaper will inhale.

What parts make up the electronic cigarette?

Even if all electronic cigarettes work on the same principle, we can distinguish two large families among them.

On the one hand, there are the “all-in-ones” where the clearomizer is attached to the battery. These are often the easiest to use. They generally cost less but are also often less powerful.

On the other side, there are the “separate kits” for which the clear (clearomizer) is screwed on the battery. This makes it possible to have several clear and/or several batteries. These packs are generally more technical, but once mastered, they will allow you to improve the quality of your vape with more pronounced aromas and denser vapour.


The battery is defined by two essential values: milliamps (mAh) and watts (w). Simply put, the higher the mAh value, the longer the battery will last. The higher the watt value, the more power and therefore vapour.

Note that very powerful batteries (over 80 w) are often more technical and therefore not recommended for beginners.

For a first-time vaper (a person who starts vaping), it is advisable to go for a 650 to 1000 mAh battery. In most cases, the battery is recharged through a USB port. The boxes (more powerful batteries) are often equipped with batteries (rechargeable batteries).

WARNING: a battery remains an accumulator. Its lifespan depends on the quality of use (charging mode) and its storage mode (no temperature difference).

The clearomizer (or the atomizer)

It is in the clearomizer that everything happens! Indeed, it is at this place that we put the liquid and it is therefore there that we also put the resistance. It often has a pyrex wall that allows you to see the liquid level. It is in the clearomizer that the transformation of the liquid into vapour takes place.

A clearomizer can have several capacities which vary on average between 2 and 4.5 ml. The advantage of large capacities is that you refill with cash less often. On the other hand, it is more cumbersome!


Resistance is measured in ohms.

When it is less than 1 ohm, it is called a sub-ohm resistor. It has a particular wattage range and allows you to obtain a large volume of vapour.

When resistance is higher than 1 ohm, it will have a different range of use and will make less vapour.

Choosing the right first e-cigarette

The high number of brands and models of electronic cigarettes does not make the choice easy for a first-time vaper. Opening your first electronic cigarette, you will surely want to test it quickly to see the rendering it offers or the taste of the liquid… but be careful, all that requires preparation!

Put a little e-liquid in your clearomizer (not too much either in case you don’t like it), then wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the resistance to be well soaked in liquid. Before this time, you risk burning it before you even start vaping.

If you do not like the liquid, disassemble the clearomizer to remove the resistance and clean everything with clear water.

When it’s done, put the coil back (if it’s still good, but the old one back, otherwise take a new one), and fill the clearomizer with another e-liquid. If you use the same resistance, you will have a mixture of the 2 e-liquids during the first puffs, but it passes quickly!

When vaping, put the cigarette in your mouth, press the switch and inhale. Remember to let go of the switch a little before you stop inhaling. This will avoid the sometimes unpleasant rise of liquids!

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