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What could be better than a glass of chilled beverage out of freshly squeezed fruit on a hot day, which gives a charge of vivacity for several hours? And now imagine that you have cool drinks in your pocket, you need only to get an e-cigarette, fill your favorite taste to choose from and enjoy the coolness. Summer is over, but the taste of fresh drinks will always remain in your memory, and now you can still buy them at an inexpensive price from e-liquid wholesale distributors.

We want to introduce you to the manufacturer – Vape Fresh Juice Company.

E-liquid brands are sold in large plastic packaging, which contains 60 ml of liquid. The bottles are packed in cardboard a box, which facilitates safe transportation. Labels are bright and each label stands out against the background, so that the user can read the name, content of e-liquid nicotine, and all the necessary information about the ingredients. Each liquid has a content of 20 propylene glycol per 80 glycerol. The nicotine content is 0, 3 and 6 mg per ml.

The Max

It is a classic, favorite drink in the morning. A variety of premium fruit juice brands with the aroma of fresh currants and blueberries with the taste of fresh donut in raspberry glaze. This is one of the top vape flavors of the company you get used to instantly. In fact, a lot of flavors have been reproduced in one taste. Not only fans of fresh drinks will appreciate this taste, sweeties – donut lovers will also find something special in it. Blueberry is the most open note, of course; it predominates over all other components and is transmitted naturally and realistically. Simply put, at first you get a taste of fresh berries, and then the sweetness of a donut.

The G.O.A.T.

A jug of cold tea on a hot day, what else can quench your thirst? A new southern recipe for sweet tea brings you coolness wherever you are. Sweet, spicy and at the same time very cool drink. A very interesting liquid, since here you will not find the typical taste of British tea, there are many more components here, some of which cannot even be recognized.

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