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In reconstructable, the cotton for electronic cigarettes is essential to have a good capillarity and therefore a good supply of liquid at the level of the coil. The vaping liquid will rise along with the wick and will thus be able to evaporate on contact with the heated coil.

There are several types of e-cigarette cotton, and this is for different uses, depending on the vape you are looking for and the PG / VG rate of the liquid used.

Which electronic cigarette cotton to choose?

There are several kinds of cotton for electronic cigarettes and in all forms: woven pad, vaporous, ball. For a difference in density and handling corresponding to the desires of each vaper. But no dry-burn with cotton, the residual burnt taste would be very unpleasant, so change when choosing another vape liquid.

Carded cotton is used in the medical field because it is not chemically treated. In vaporous form, it is easy to handle and can be used during micro-coil assemblies.

It will however be necessary to take into account its hydrophobic character and to soak it well directly before its use. Vapers using e-liquids with a high VG rate should be wary of dry hits.

The positive point is that it does not require a “break-in” period. From its first use, no parasitic taste will be added to the flavours of your liquid.

As for unbleached carded cotton, the absence of treatment implies the presence of some plant residues.

Generally in the form of a woven rectangle, it offers excellent capillarity thanks to its mesh and it is above all produced without fertilizers or pesticides to ensure its purity.

Whether it is Koh Gen Do or Muji in the form of pads, Cotton Bacon in the form of a strip or the GeekVape cotton in the form of a ball, their production and harvest without treatment, bleaching or colouring make it a 100% natural product that can be used in any type of assembly.

And a big bonus with this cotton for electronic cigarettes: no parasitic taste!

Produced by vapers for vapers. There are several types for your vaper: Original, Cotton Blend. For several densities and in several forms: Pads, pre-cut wicks, threads…

Cellulose fibre is produced from wood from eco-managed forests, transformed using an organic solvent without any addition or treatment and sterilized before packaging. 

Pima cotton, one of the best cotton in the world, is harvested by hand and grown without fertilizers or pesticides, it too is very resistant and free of impurities.

Fibre Freaks products offer exceptional capillarity and a long service life that you can use in any type of assembly

Unlike cotton for vaping, silica only burns from 1600°, which is not ready to happen with our coils, fortunately. Silica is ideal for chaining liquid tests on drippers. Indeed, it eliminates the taste of the previous liquid with a simple dry-burn (heating the coil and the silica to dry it).

In the form of yarn, made of silica fibre, silica is easy to handle and offers excellent capillarity. Its resistance to heating allows it not to darken and to offer good restitution of flavours for the optimal duration of use.

You can find it in different diameters depending on the desired assembly.

The difference with classic silica is that Ekowool comes in the form of a braid.

Several strands are therefore braided. In addition to providing increased capillarity, its handling is facilitated: the round shape of the braid leaves a central hole which, although narrow, allows a metal axis to be housed there during the manufacture of resistors.

The mesh comes in the form of a very fine mesh in 316L stainless steel. The mesh size is given in the number of meshes per inch.

Its use is closely linked to genesis-type montages. Well known for its incredible capillarity and its longevity, it is however not easy to master its use. It requires the oxidation of the mesh with a blowtorch to avoid short circuits. The mesh is therefore intended for advanced users.

Very little is used today, lovers of the genesis type continue to adopt the mesh.

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