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The ultimate goal in using an electronic cigarette is to quit smoking. To date, it is one of the best ways to quit smoking, adopted by many vapers and confirmed by health specialists. If nicotine is not toxic when inhaled, it is addictive: as for some coffee or chocolate. Many vapers aim to wean themselves off nicotine addiction.

Did you manage to quit smoking thanks to the vape? Congratulation! But do you want to vape on your electronic cigarette without nicotine? We present to you different ways and tips to succeed in also freeing yourself from nicotine addiction.

Thanks to the possibility of varying the rate of nicotine contained in the e-liquid of the electronic cigarette, many are those who gradually reduce this rate and finally want to reach the objective of ” vaping liquid without nicotine “. But the path to freedom from nicotine addiction takes patience and perseverance!

How to vape on your electronic cigarette without nicotine?

Indeed, you can vape without nicotine by using an e-liquid devoid of it. It will simply be indicated “without nicotine” or with a nicotine level of 0mg.

An e-liquid allows the production of vapour while providing a tingling sensation in the throat. This is the hit and usually, the component responsible for the hit is nicotine. This tickling sensation in the throat is important for people who quit smoking, as it is very similar to that which one feels when smoking a regular cigarette.

Thus, before choosing your e-liquid, it is important to consult the nicotine level it contains. This avoids a bad experience, especially for newcomers, and former smokers, who risk returning to tobacco. Indeed, the rate of nicotine chosen for its e-liquid must be adapted to the consumption of past cigarettes, but also the material used.

Yes, you also have to think about choosing the right electronic cigarette kit. Some electronic cigarette models have a different rendering of nicotine and e-liquid flavours. But a vaporizer without nicotine, it’s possible!

Let’s go back to the components of an e-liquid. Thus, nicotine is responsible for bringing the hit to the vaper. However, there are other ways to keep that tingling feeling, without resorting to nicotine. This is where the electronic cigarette is ingenious! Indeed, thanks to the other ingredients of an e-liquid, propylene glycol, in this case, the hit is always present, even with 0 mg of nicotine.

Another factor that allows the feeling of the hit, is the power of the e-cigarette. As mentioned above and due to their power, some models provide a higher and stronger hit than others.

Towards a vape without nicotine: patience is the mother of safety!

The secret to successful nicotine withdrawal is patience. Several vapers testify and confirm that it takes time to switch to a lower nicotine level. You have already succeeded in quitting smoking, be indulgent towards yourself!

First of all, in the first stage, it is a question of gradually reducing your nicotine level. Go from  18mg/ml to 16mg/ml, from 12mg/ml to 9mg/ml and so on . One piece of advice: be patient! If you rush, you will feel this change in nicotine levels and your motivation could take a hit! Therefore, you may find it difficult to achieve your goal of vaping e-cigarette liquid without nicotine. So, take your time, because a change from 16 to 12 mg/ml, for example, can take several months.

Then, the second stage turns out to be more complicated than the previous one. It is a question of passing the course of 0 mg of nicotine. After gradually reducing the nicotine concentration of your e-liquid, the most difficult thing is to abstain from nicotine in your vaping an e-liquid.

Why is it difficult to vape without nicotine?

Quite simply because it will be necessary to find a substitute for nicotine about the hit. Tobacco addiction involves, first, the feeling of contraction in the back of the throat, which nicotine is responsible for, before the gestures and the fact of producing smoke. Thus, the definitive cessation of nicotine can disturb the vaper. Alternatives can be taken to remedy this radical change.

Above all, don’t panic! Solutions have been tested and are effective:

  • First solution: the “sub-ohm” vape

The powerful sub-ohm clearomizers or the reconstructable atomizers allow the use of resistances or assemblies lower than 1.0 ohm. This very particular type of electronic cigarette makes it possible to obtain intense and faster heating of the e-liquid with direct inhalation. The volume of vapour will be increased tenfold compared to a clearomiser oriented towards indirect inhalation.

It is therefore a question of adapting your e-cigarette. If your electronic cigarette box is powerful enough to be used with this type of clearomiser, you will only have to change it. This little boost will reveal an intense vapour power which will make a great hit even without nicotine in your e-liquid.

  • Second solution: propylene glycol

Remember that propylene glycol (or PG ) is the component of e-liquid responsible for restoring its flavour. But it turns out that this component also contributes to the reproduction of the famous hit. At a very low dose of nicotine, it is enough to increase the proportion of PG to obtain a powerful hit.

However, we remind you that the use of e liquids highly dosed in PG is hardly compatible with sub-ohm clearomizers. Due to the fluidity of the PG, there may then be a risk of leakage on large equipment. You can consult our tutorial to learn more about the compatibilities between PG/VG levels and electronic cigarettes.

  • Third solution: the use of additives for e-liquid

If you make your e-liquids, you already know the existence of DIY e-liquid additives. They can allow you to add a sweet note, a smoky note, etc. Many additives are available on the market. 

To each of his objectives in the use of the electronic cigarette

When you have chosen the solution that suits you and respects the levels, vaping without nicotine will be child’s play for you. You will finally be able to do without the electronic cigarette.

The majority of vapers are ex-smokers aiming to break free from tobacco addiction. The objective thus achieved, some will want to stop the vape. While others will choose to continue while keeping this triumphant nicotine level at 0mg.

However, there is no complexity in continuing to vape even if you have succeeded in removing the nicotine from your clearomiser!

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