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Cloud Chasing, also called Extreme Vaping or Power Vaping is a trend that consists of producing large clouds of vapour with your electronic cigarette. It is a pastime where those who devote themselves to it play with steam to create various forms offering a sometimes breathtaking spectacle. Several enthusiasts like Michael Lee, have elevated this practice to the rank of discipline in its own right, which has many followers today!


Many beginners wish from the start to create large clouds of vapour with their electronic cigarette. However, we prefer to warn you, that this way of vaping is mainly aimed at vapers who are already very comfortable with the world of electronic cigarettes. Indeed, making big clouds requires the use of powerful electronic cigarettes offering a very airy draw. However, you will first need equipment offering a restrictive vape which reproduces the sensations of the classic cigarette and which therefore contributes to the success of weaning.


To shape beautiful and large clouds of vapor, you first need an e-liquid with a high level of vegetable glycerin. It is an ingredient that enters into the composition of an e-liquid and which allows it to vaporize using the resistance. The more VG there is in your e-liquid, the denser and thicker the vapour will be. So if you want to make the most of steam with your equipment, choose a 100% VG juice or around 70-80% VG.


Obviously, an e-liquid rich in vegetable glycerin is not enough. You must be equipped with powerful equipment offering good autonomy. Indeed, cloud chasing is energy-intensive. So prefer a battery that will hold up and that can deliver at least 100 watts. To make sure you have an electronic cigarette that makes the most vapor, you can turn to the Gen X Vaporesso  box or the Aegis Solo Geekvape box for example.

The tank is also essential. It must be able to withstand e-liquids strong in vegetable glycerin. Our tip: choose a sub-ohm clearomiser, that is to say a tank that can accommodate resistors with a value of less than 1 ohm. The lower this value, the greater the volume of steam. You must also check that your clearomiser has one or more large airflows, the air inlets allow you to offer a more airy draw. Opt for example for the  Zeus sub ohm from Geekvape.

Finally, for the most experienced, rebuildable atomizers offer incredible possibilities when it comes to making a lot of vapour. The diameter of the yarn or the cotton chosen influences the quantity produced. Then choose a thick wire that will have a larger heating surface such as the Framed Staple from Coilology for example.

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