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Many users of the electronic cigarette often hesitate between the classic method of the cartridge separated from the atomizer and the cartomizer resulting from a more recent technology than the initial principle of the cartridge and its atomizer. 

In short, to define each process, a cartomizer is a cartridge in which the atomizer is included, the electronic cigarette then consists of 2 parts: 

The cartomizer and the battery. The cartomizer is screwed on the battery, this is the case of the Silver Devil KR808D-2 electronic cigarette . Conversely, in the classic process, the electronic cigarette consists of 3 elements: the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery. In this case, the removable cartridge filled withe-liquid or e-solid fits on the atomizer screwed on the battery. Both methods have their proponents and detractors. Indeed, each of the two methods has advantages and disadvantages.:

1- Cartridge with atomizer

Advantages :

It– Less expensive to buy and therefore to use

– Possibility of regenerating an empty cartridge by adding e-liquid

– Countless choices of flavours

– Free shape in manufacture (soft end, flat, round, etc.)


– Atomizer weakened by handling the cartridge

– Less reliable than the atomizer

– Risk of e-liquid leaking into the mouth

– Risk of mixing flavours when changing the e-liquid aroma

– Periodic cleaning of the atomizer

2- Cartomizer

Advantages :

– Full aroma, more smoke

– Reliability

– no e-liquid leakage

– No cleaning

– Cigarette like new with each change of the cartomizer


It– More expensive to use

It– Difficult to refill the cartomizer with e-liquid

– Exclusively round shape, no flat end

Technically the cartomizer proves to be more efficient and more reliable, but on the budget side it is the good old process which offers a certain advantage, with the initial purchase of a new cartridge and with use with e-liquid clearly advantageous , which makes electronic cigarettes even cheaper than tobacco. The ideal would be to have both models always have a good electronic cigarette available and especially not to relapse into smoking.

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