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At large marketplaces, all Heets price Сanada offers are already set up, the brand of the platform itself is already recognizable in other countries, and you can start selling outside the region with minimal costs and “under the protection” of the trading platform.

You need to evaluate what it will cost you to create an online store to place Heets price Сanada offers and how much it costs to place them on the marketplace. In the first case, you need the services of professional web developers, or you can use the site designers. To create a website on the designer, you need to pay a package of accommodation, connect payment systems, and also use your strengths and competencies, which also cost money.

You need to calculate how much time it will take to create an online store to promote Heets price Сanada offers or place them on the marketplace. On average, a project to create an online store with typical functionality and the development of an individual design takes two months. A minimum week will be required to create a template site on the designer.

With the marketplace, the things are different. On the trading platform, you create your own mini-site or profile, where you briefly state all the information necessary for the buyer and place your goods. Such trading platforms, as a rule, have a simple interface that everyone can understand. To spend on the marketplace, you will spend one day.

To create, fill and promote Heets price Сanada offers with your own online store, you need a team of specialists.

For example, if you are not strong in design, even to create a website on the designer you need a professional web designer. To connect payment systems and other services, you may need the help of a technical specialist. And even if it is a constructor, technical support will not always be able to fix bugs and solve problems for you. For these tasks you need a programmer. And the site should be promoted by an Internet marketer who is well versed in all the tools of marketing on the network: from advertising settings to SEO and SMM.

On the trading floor, all technical sales processes are already set up. You only need to post content.

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