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The choice of e-liquid is not just about the flavour and the PG / VG ratio. Indeed, the pleasure offered by the liquid can at the same time depend on the level of nicotine of which it is composed. For a beginner in the world of vaping, the following points will help you find the right nicotine level for your e-liquid.

Nicotine and the hit

The hit is considered to be the scratchy sensation that one feels each time one smokes an electronic cigarette. This mainly manifests itself during the passage of the vapour at the level of the throat. The hit also gives the impression of not swallowing air, but rather giving the appearance of smoking a regular cigarette. For a beginner, the hit may cause a slight cough as the body is not yet accustomed to the steam.

You should know that the majority of electronic cigarette smokers seek the same sensation as with ordinary cigarettes. It is for this reason that the hit caused by the level of nicotine in the liquid during vaping should not be overlooked. Nicotine acts primarily tingling the throat to create the scratchiness. Thus, this element reinforces the effects of the menthol or pepper contained in an e-liquid. In any case, it is possible to decrease the nicotine level over time. It depends on your evolution with the electronic cigarette.

The choice of nicotine depends on the hit and the cigarette

You are already aware of the fact that the nicotine level in the liquid guarantees the power of the hit produced during vaping. More specifically, the higher the nicotine level, the more powerful you will have a hit. In addition, the choice of nicotine level depends greatly on your smoking habits. You will probably need more of this element if you are a heavy smoker. On the other hand, a low level of nicotine may be sufficient if you are not heavily dependent on standard cigarettes.

It’s not just the amount of cigarettes consumed every day that needs to be taken into account. Indeed, you should also choose the nicotine level of your e-liquid according to the type of cigarette that you are used to smoking. For example, a high rate of nicotine (16 or 18 mg/ml) may be recommended if your favorite cigarette is the unfiltered gypsy. In addition, a rate of 3 or 6 mg/ml may be sufficient if you smoked ultra light before migrating to the electronic cigarette. 

Nicotine level according to smoking profile

Certainly, the choice of nicotine depends on your habit of smoking regular cigarettes. On the other hand, it is always good to bring more precision to this point to avoid false ideas. Thus, a light smoker who does not consume more than 10 cigarettes per day can choose an e-liquid with a rate of 6 mg/ml for nicotine. This type of smoker tends to choose light cigarettes.

As for an average smoker who is used to classic blond cigarettes and consumes up to 20 rods a day. It is recommended to start with vials with 11 mg/ml of nicotine. Finally, the last category includes those who consume more than 20 standard cigarettes per day. This type of smoker tends to choose brown or unfiltered as well as strong cigarettes. For this, it is strongly recommended to buy e-liquid with 16 mg/ml of nicotine.

A priori, you could adjust the nicotine level that suits you depending on the situation. In addition, you should know that too high a nicotine level ends up creating bad feelings. You might even cough for quite a while each time you vape the liquid. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be satisfied with a low level of nicotine. Remember that this may cause you to revert to regular cigarettes as the sensation is unsatisfactory.

Electronic cigarettes and nicotine addiction

Admittedly, the hit may depend on the level of nicotine in the liquid. But, you should also take note of the fact that the healing power of the cigarette can play an indisputable role. Indeed, it cannot release all the power of nicotine if it does not have the necessary power. Therefore, take the time to check the power of the cigarette before choosing the nicotine level in the liquid you plan to buy. You won’t need a lot of nicotine if the cigarette is strong enough.

On the other hand, we must not forget the fact that the presence of nicotine in an e-liquid makes it possible to quickly become familiar with the electronic cigarette. Specifically, everyone knows that the majority of new e-cigar smokers want to quit regular cigarettes. Which makes you already addicted to nicotine. A desire that should not be taken lightly before starting with the electronic cigarette.

As a result, it is recommended to choose the nicotine level in your e-liquid according to your nicotine addiction. Don’t forget that you can reduce the rate according to the evolution of your situation.

Hit without nicotine: is it possible?

It would be nice to enjoy a good hit with a liquid without nicotine. However, it becomes clear that this will never happen. Only the nicotine contained in the liquid can cause a hit that provides a feeling of pleasure. We can even venture to say that the objective of the addition of nicotine is to have a hit with each consumption of an electronic cigarette.

On the other hand, it must be recognized that all electronic cigarette smokers aim to completely quit nicotine. In other words, you will have to reduce the nicotine level on the e-liquid as you use an electronic cigarette. Over time, some people have even managed to completely quit smoking in all its forms. With a good conviction, it is sure that you will get there one day.

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