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ecigsElectronic Cigarettes – the best way to quit smoking tobacco – to such conclusion the came the researchers led by an expert of the center of Onassis Heart Surgery – Konstantinos Farsalinosom. The researchers took 300 samples of e-cigarettes from various manufacturers to assess the damages to smoker’s health.

The analysis of liquids on the content of nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Nitrosamines – toxic organic compounds with carcinogenic effect. Nitrosamines affect the human internal organs and provoke cancer. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons – a product of processed organic wastes (debris, food debris, coal, oil), as well as tobacco. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons can be strong carcinogens.

It was found that e-cigarette vapor contains 400 times less harmful impurities than tobacco smoke. Toxicity index of tobacco is 0.2, of electronic cigarettes – 0.001. The analysis results are impressive – e-cigarette are a hundred times less harmful to the human body that tobacco cigarettes.
Electronic cigarette effects on the human heart

After smoking tobacco cigarettes quickens the heartbeat and increase the blood pressure. Every cigarette you smoke destroys your cardiovascular system. Dr. Farsalinosa researches confirmed that e-cigarettes don’t affect the human heart and blood vessels and thus can’t cause a heart attack or stroke.

In March 2015, Dr. Farsalinos presented a new report on a WHO conference “Tobacco or Health”. The scientist told about the results of the latest research. So, from the 19 500 participants, 81% – quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes. Most of them did it in the first month. It was noted, that e-cigarettes are not completely harmless, but they are the best product to stop smoking tobacco.

“If at least 3% of smokers will switch to electronic cigarettes – it will save 2 million lives over the next 20 years” – summed Konstantinos Farsalinos.

The similar reports were presented by the Swiss Jean Francois Etter and Thomas Eisenberg from the US. The researchers said that the addiction to e-cigarette vapor is the lowest among non-tobacco nicotine sources, such as nicotine patch or gums.

The participated in conference scientists agreed that: the electronic cigarette is certainly harmful to human health, but much less than tobacco cigarettes. It was decided to not to restrict the sales of e-cigarettes as less harmful way to overcome tobacco addiction.

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