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VooPoo NAVI Pod is one of new Juul Alternative Pod Devices from VooPoo.

NAVI combines the compactness of Juul Alternative Pod Devices and the performance and functionality of classic Mods.

The device works on the well-established GENE.AI chipset, on which you can set the operating power and keep statistics on vapors, and it is convenient to do this thanks to the bright color screen.

The entire line of PnP series evaporators is also supported, without exception, Plus an RBA base for its own winders.

Blowing is adjustable from MTL cigarette to free DL.

vvild V0 Juul Alternative Pod Devices.

In fact, vvild V0 at first glance is very similar to similar devices that we previously examined in our reviews and videos. But it has interesting and even possible to say unique pieces, which I will talk about a little later.

In each hearth 2 ml of liquid. The composition is standard: natural glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine salt, flavoring. The capsules are translucent, so you can control the liquid level in them. The nicotine content in the liquid is 3%. Inside the case there is a battery and control electronics. On the bottom plastic end is a charging connector.

We insert under the device as desired with the contacts down. The magnet brings the capsule to the connection of electrical contacts. At the same time, an indicator in the form of a brand logo lights up on the case – in white, showing readiness for work and the presence of a charge. Well, if the gadget is discharged, the indicator will glow red.

First and foremost, sealed capsules. Yes, when testing numerous sub-systems, I have repeatedly noticed that from time to time they spit liquid in the mouth during use.

With this gadget, no such problems have been noticed. And that’s really cool. In the vvild capsules, the channels for liquid and vapor are separated, in addition, the innovative hollow ceramic core of the heater is used. It improves fluid flow and completely vaporizes it. This way you only get vapor and the capsule does not overheat.

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