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At least, that is a rule for those who seek for cheap IQOS heets offers.

The core of the buyers who seek for heets cheap offers is people aged 25 to 34 years. They make up almost 30% of the total audience of online shoppers. They are the most active, most of them, of course, women. There are fewer men. In this regard, an interesting picture is observed. If you look at the profile of men who make purchases of cheap IQOS heets, these are people who are actively earning, family. But women are, apparently, their wives, who spend what their husbands earned. It is not typical for them to work, but it is typical to be married, they are all very active in buying of heets cheap.

Women seek for heets cheap offers on the web and not only for themselves, but also for their men, children.

So, there are several customer portraits of the buyers who seek for cheap IQOS heets offers.

These are mostly young people. Women who seek for cheap IQOS heets offers are distinguished from men by the desire to order cheap IQOS heets both for themselves and their men, no matter whether these are their husbands and boyfriends.

Probably, girlfriends would rather seek for IQOS heets cheap to attract their boyfriends with nice aromas in order to secure a long relationship. Boyfriends would be more careful with such gifts.

Wives are also able to intensively search for cheap IQOS heets because they are usually more worried about the family incomes than their husbands are. IQOS heets are not only an upgraded alternative to ordinary cigarettes; they are much cheaper as well.

Families can spare cash for other needs, buying cheap IQOS heets.

The last category is probably students who want to look modern and stylish persons. Finding cheap IQOS Heets, they secure themselves a trendy outlook and do not waste too much money what is very important for them as the students are usually not rich.

These are the main categories, but all IQOS consumers are not limited to them. Surely, new categories appear because IQOS heets attract consumers. We check it in our online shops that get new customers every day who are attracted by opportunities to buy heets cheap from us.

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